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car driving down the slip road to the motorway

What is temporary car insurance?

There are various situations in which you might end up driving a vehicle for which you don’t have an annual insurance policy. Perhaps you need to borrow a friend’s car or maybe you’re planning on sharing the driving on a long trip? Whatever the reason, you might be wondering about temporary car insurance. Our guide […]

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two ladies viewing an ipad next to a car

Guide to temporary car insurance eligibility

Taking out a temporary car insurance policy  is a great way to get short-term cover on a borrowed vehicle. But how do you know if you’re eligible for a temporary policy? Our guide includes everything you need to know about temporary car insurance eligibility. Can I get temporary car insurance? You might want to take […]

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girl holding mobile and document

Temporary car insurance glossary and jargon buster

Getting car insurance is essential but as with most professions, there are a number of very specific words and phrases that mean something to those in the profession but little to those outside. To help you in your quest to obtain vehicle cover we have put together a car insurance glossary of terms and jargon […]

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Mum and daughter learner

What are the benefits of learner driver insurance?

For those who are learning to drive, choosing to buy temporary learner insurance is a wise move. Temporary insurance for learners allows those with a provisional licence to get behind the wheel of their own car as opposed to only learning in an instructor’s car or getting added to the annual policy of a friend […]

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Range Rover in Forest

Annual vs Temporary Car Insurance

Perhaps you are trying to decide between car-sharing permanently or buying your own vehicle? Or, maybe you are just interested in learning more about our policies? In this guide, we look at the differences between an annual car insurance policy and temporary car insurance. What are the differences between annual and temporary car insurance? Cancellation […]

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Person opening glove compartment of car

What is a cover note for car insurance?

There is plenty of jargon surrounding insurance that can be confusing for many and we here at Dayinsure are looking to make it easy to understand for those who are looking for answers. In this guide, we are delving into the world of cover notes, answering the web’s most frequently asked questions on the topic […]

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Woman driving a car happy

Temporary car insurance: do I need an underlying policy?

Are you looking for temporary car insurance? Or would you like to know a little more about how it all works? You’ve come to the right place. At Dayinsure, we can not only provide you with cheap and quick temporary car insurance, but we also want to answer any questions you might have about the […]

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Electric car being charged

Temporary insurance for electric cars and hybrids

Looking for temporary insurance for an electric car or hybrid vehicle? You have come to the right place. With the desire to protect the environment and secure our future becoming more important, many of us are rightly looking towards driving an electric car or hybrid vehicle. These environmentally friendly options are becoming more common on […]

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Motorway driving advice

How to use the Motor Insurance Database (MID)

Are you looking for motor insurance information in the UK? In that case, you’ll likely have found the MID, or Motor Insurance Database. For first time users or those who have questions about the MID, this article is filled with information and advice. What is the Motor Insurance Database? The Motor Insurance Database, or MID […]

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Car parked on side of the road

A guide to car insurance excess

When you make a claim on your car insurance, the excess is the amount of money you agree to pay towards your claim. If you are new to the world of car insurance and want to understand how car insurance excess works before you purchase temporary car insurance, this guide is for you. Here we […]

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Man looking at laptop

Comparing temporary car insurance

With so many different insurance policies on the market, many people want to compare temporary car insurance cover to ensure they get the best deal. To compare short term car insurance, most people look at the various comparison websites which you can find dotted around the web. Whilst these are effective, it is also a good […]

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cars on the motorway

Emergency car insurance

Make sure you’re covered for any last-minute issues with the great value emergency car insurance we offer at Dayinsure. Day insurance can be a real lifesaver when you need fast and convenient cover for those unexpected moments in life. It could be that your car won’t start, and you need to borrow your partner’s vehicle to get […]

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UK driving licence

What do you need to insure a car?

When taking out a Dayinsure policy, whether you want to cover a car for a day or motorhome for a month, we need a bit of information about you to set up your policy. In this guide, find out exactly what you need so you are ready to take out a quote. What documents do […]

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Two little girls in back of packed car boot

Weekend car insurance and two-day cover

Whether you are going on a weekend break, or just borrowing a car from a friend for a short drive, our temporary car insurance can get your covered in no time. With weekend insurance, you can arrange quick and easy cover giving you more time to focus on your plans. Can you insure a car […]

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Young girls in car

Temporary car insurance for under 21s

If you are a young driver who is looking for car insurance but doesn’t want to take out a full annual policy, then our temporary car insurance for under 21s is perfect for you. Whatever the reason, you don’t need an annual policy, our temporary car insurance deals can help you save money, offer you […]

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Young student holding books

Temporary student car insurance

As a student, you may not need to drive year-round and therefore you may not require an annual insurance policy. When studying, money can be tight and having to fork out to insure a car you won’t use on a regular basis can be an expense not worth investing in. However, whether you just want […]

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Cars in Rome with temporary European car insurance

Temporary European car insurance

At Dayinsure, we offer comprehensive, short-term European car insurance for those taking a trip to Europe. Whether you are embarking on a road trip to see all of the amazing attractions Europe has to offer or taking a business trip, you can be safe in knowing that you have a comprehensive level of cover for […]

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Girl learning to drive with instructor

Learner driver insurance: What you need to know

If you have a provisional driving licence or are planning to get one in order to start driving lessons, then knowing where you stand with car insurance is a must. Before you hit the road for the first time, you’ll have to ensure you are covered in case of an accident. This guide is perfect […]

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Aerial View of a Range of Cars in a Car Park

Test drive car insurance cover

Before buying a new car, taking a test drive is imperative. Not only does it give potential buyers the peace of mind that there are no underlying issues, but it also allows sellers to demonstrate the full capabilities of the vehicle – something that is not possible when just parked on a lot. Why is […]

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Car packed ready for a holiday

What are the uses of temporary car insurance?

When it comes to temporary car insurance, there is a whole range of uses and reasons you may want to take out a policy. Although annual insurance is great for year-round protection, there are times when you don’t need 365 days of cover and you can save money and time with a shorter policy. In […]

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Women being handed car keys

What are the benefits of temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance can be a great tool at your driving disposal and can be a real help in a pinch. But, for those who haven’t used it before it may seem like an unusual concept. Although annual insurance is a must, the benefits of temporary insurance can help save you a lot of time […]

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