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Learning to drive and need temporary insurance?

From insuring your own car to borrowing someone else’s car for driving practice, get the extra practice you need to pass your test with ease. Here are our top questions frequently asked about our temporary learner driver policies to help you get the cover you need.

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Learner FAQs

Does the car I’m driving need to be insured annually?

If you’re borrowing the car from another driver, then it must be insured annually and remain insured for the period of the learner driver policy. If you’re insuring your own car, that is owned and registered in your name, there doesn’t need to be any other insurance on the car.

Will this policy appear on the MID?

We guarantee to update the Motor Insurance Database (MID) every 7 days and in some cases more often. However, we always recommend you have a copy of your Insurance Certificate with you during the period of cover. You can drive the vehicle legally between the dates and times shown on the insurance certificate issued to you when the insurance was completed.

Can I insure my own car?

Yes. If you’re insuring your own car there doesn’t need to be any other insurance on the vehicle. However, the car must be owned and registered in your name for you to be able to complete the insurance process.

Can I insure a borrowed car?

Yes; however the vehicle must be annually insured in someone else’s name for the duration of the learner policy in order for you to drive it. You must declare to us that you are not the registered keeper of the car.

What happens when I pass my test?

When you pass your test, all cover under your learner driver policy stops immediately. You will need to have different insurance to drive your vehicle back from the test centre. If there are days left on your policy, you can cancel the policy and you’ll get a refund for the full days you haven’t used. To cancel, send us an email and don’t forget to include your policy number.

Do you have any restrictions on the type of cars you cover?

Yes, the car needs to be UK registered, it can’t be a hire or rental car, it can’t be in a police impound and must have a current market value of £40,000 or less. You’ll be asked to make sure the vehicle meets all the terms of the insurance before you buy the policy, and you can read the terms here.

Can I drive on the motorway?

Learner drivers can take driving lessons on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales. However, the learner driver must be driving a car fitted with dual controls and be accompanied by an approved driving instructor. You can find full guidance about the laws of learner motorway driving on the Government website.


Can I change my policy at any point?

You can’t make any changes to your policy once it has begun, but you can cancel your policy and purchase a replacement with the right details. You’ll be entitled to a refund of any full days left on your policy, and there’s no cancellation charge.

Can I cancel my policy?

There are two options for you to use to cancel a live Dayinsure policy.

Option 1 – Please sign into your Dayinsure Customer Access account – Click on the cancel button of the live policy you would like to cancel and follow the on screen instructions.

Option 2 – Click on the document link provided in our confirmation email – Click on the cancel button and then follow the on screen instructions.

For further information about the Dayinsure Refund Policy click here.

Is there a curfew on this product?

If the Policyholder is not the Registered Keeper of The Car:

  • No cover is provided under this policy for loss or damage which occurs between 00:00 hours and 06:00 hours
  • No cover exists under this policy unless the vehicle is also insured under a separate annual motor insurance policy
  • You must have permission from the owner to drive the vehicle and you have agreed to insure it and have responsibility for loss or damage.

Will this affect my No Claims Bonus?

A Dayinsure policy won’t affect any No Claims Bonus you might have already or that of anyone else insured on the vehicle. You can’t accrue any No Claims Bonus using a short-term insurance policy.

Does this policy cover anyone else to drive the car?

The Dayinsure Learner policy only provides cover for the learner driver to drive the vehicle. There’s no cover for anyone else to drive unless they take out a separate policy on the car.

Does this insurance cover me to take my test?

Yes, if you’re taking your test in the car specified on this policy. But please remember that our cover stops as soon as you pass your test – so you will need to have different insurance to drive back from the test centre.

Who can supervise me in the car?

The accompanying driver must be aged between 25 and 75 and have held a full UK driving licence for at least 3 years, or your supervised driving instructor can accompany you in the car.


Extending your Learner policy

What happens if I click yes to a change in personal details?

If you’ve changed any of your personal details you may not be eligible to extend your current policy, we suggest you re-apply for a new quotation.

Please note: if a new quotation is not available it may mean that you no longer meet the acceptance criteria for a Dayinsure short term insurance policy.

How will refund payments be returned to me?

The refund will be returned to the customer’s account used to pay for the cover.

As multiple transactions will have been made due to you extending the duration of your policy, these refunds may appear on your bank statement/account as more than one transaction.

Can I still cancel my policy if I have extended the cover?

Yes, you’re still entitled to cancel your cover at any time even if you’ve extended the policy.

Provided there have been no claims or incidents likely to give rise to a claim you’ll be entitled to a refund of unused premium.

  • If you cancel the policy before cover has commenced, you’ll be entitled to a full refund of premium.
  • If you cancel the policy after cover has commenced, we’ll recalculate your insurance premium based upon the date your policy commenced until the date your policy cancelled. We’ll refund you the difference between the recalculated insurance premium and the insurance premium you’ve already paid.

Please note:

  • The cost of a short-term policy will be proportionally greater than a longer-term policy and therefore you may receive a smaller refund than expected.
  • Cover for days or part days which have already commenced won’t be refundable

Why can’t I see the original certificate and schedule?

As you have now extended your policy, you’ll only be able to see the current live certificate and schedule as this will show your original policy start date and you new policy end date.

What documentation will be issued when my policy has successfully amended?

In your document list held in your Dayinsure ‘My Account’ you’ll be able to view an amended certificate and schedule with the existing start date of your policy but your amended end date of the policy.

How do I get to the extend button?

The extend button will only be displayed on your Dayinsure ‘My Account’ Welcome page on the website, when you’re eligible to extend a live policy that has not reached the maximum duration (ie up to 5 months from the original start date of your policy).

The facility to extend your policy via the mobile apps can be done from the home page once you have signed in.

Sign up to the Dayinsure account to access additional benefits

We want to provide our Dayinsure ‘My Account’ customers access to additional benefits.

So, click this link to sign up today Dayinsure Account

The Dayinsure ‘My Account’ also:

  • saves your details so you only have to re-enter the dates and payment details next time.
  • enables you to view previous policies in the Dayinsure “My Account” section of the application. (please note previous policies will only show from the time you created the account with us)
  • provides you with the ability to view/download your policy documentation and certificate and schedules anytime you need them.

Which customers will be able to extend their policies?

Only Dayinsure Customers who have set up a Dayinsure ‘My Account’ and have a current live policy with us will be able to apply to extend their policy (subject to acceptance / lending criteria).



Why can’t I change anything or add on any additional products to my Dayinsure Learner Insurance policy?

An extension to your current Dayinsure Learner insurance policy can only be done on a like for like basis up to a maximum of 5 months from your original policy start date.

If you’d like to change anything or add on any optional products to meet your needs, you’ll need to request a new quotation.

Can I change anything on my Dayinsure Learner insurance policy when I extend the policy?

No, if you extend your policy duration all policy terms and conditions will remain the same.

If something has changed or you would like to arrange different cover on your Dayinsure Learner policy, please request a new quotation and take out a new Dayinsure Learner Insurance policy.

If an extension is not available what’ll I need to do to get a new Dayinsure Learner policy?

You may choose to apply for a new quotation. Just click the following link to get a Dayinsure Learner Quotation

Please note: if a new quotation is not available it may mean that you no longer meet the acceptance/underwriting criteria for a Dayinsure Learner insurance policy as this is regularly reviewed.

Will my policy terms and conditions change if I extend the number of days?

Your policy terms and conditions will remain the same as the original policy you took out with us. The only change that will be made is to the end date of your policy.

What is the maximum number of days allowed when a Dayinsure Learner insurance policy is extended?

You may extend your policy up to a maximum of 5 months. If after 5 months you still need insurance cover on your car, you’ll need to re-apply for a quotation for a new Dayinsure Learner policy.

How are the premiums applied?

The premium will be based on the difference between your original policy premium against how much the extended policy would have cost if you had purchased the extended policy initially.

All insurance premiums will also include Insurance Premium Tax.

Why can I only extend my Dayinsure Learner policy up to 5 months?

5 months is the maximum duration of our Dayinsure Learner Insurance policy.

If you do require a longer period, you may re-apply for a new quotation for a new policy to provide cover up to a maximum of 5 months.

What will the extend functionality let you do?

It will enable you to extend an active Dayinsure Learner Insurance policy for up to the maximum of 5 months from the original inception date.

Please note: you will be allowed to extend multiple times to reach the maximum duration of 5 months from the original inception date.


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