Learning to drive and need insurance?

From insuring your own car to borrowing someone elses car for practice, get the extra miles you need to pass your test. Here are our top questions asked by you.


Learner FAQs

Does the car need to be insured annually?

If you’re borrowing the car then it must be insured annually. If you’re insuring your own car, there doesn’t need to be any other insurance on the car.

Will this policy appear on the MID?

Legally we have 7 days to place a policy on the MID (Motor Insurance Database). However, we do complete daily updates and aim to have your policy on the MID within 12 hours. You can drive the vehicle legally between the dates and times shown on the certificate of motor insurance issued to you.

Can I insure my own car?

Yes. If you’re insuring your own car there doesn’t need to be any other insurance on the vehicle.

Can I insure a borrowed car?

Yes; however the vehicle must be annually insured in someone else’s name for the duration of the learner policy

What happens when I pass my test?

When you pass your test, all cover under this policy stops immediately. You will need to have different insurance to drive back from the test centre. If there are days left on your policy, you can cancel the policy and you’ll get a refund for the full days left. To cancel, send us an email at support@dayinsure.com and don’t forget to include your policy number.

Do you have any restrictions on the car?

Yes, the car needs to be UK registered, it can’t be a hire or rental car, and it can’t be in a police impound. You’ll be asked to make sure the vehicle meets all the terms of the insurance before you buy the policy, and you can read the terms here.

Can I drive on the motorway?

Learner drivers can take driving lessons on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales. However, the learner driver must be driving a car fitted with dual controls and be accompanied by an approved driving instructor.

Can I change my policy?

You can’t make any changes to your policy; but you can cancel your policy and buy a replacement with the right details. You’ll be entitled to a refund of any full days left on your policy, and there’s no cancellation charge.

Can I cancel my policy?

Please email support@dayinsure.com to cancel any insurance with us. We take cancellations from the date of notification so please contact us as soon as possible. We’ll then calculate any refund.

Can I extend my policy?

You can’t extend the policy, but you can buy another policy to start when the current one ends.

Is there a curfew on this product?

Yes, you’re only insured to drive between 6am and Midnight. There’s no cover between Midnight and 6am. If you’re insuring your own car, the car will be insured against any damage that might happen to the vehicle while it’s parked.

Will this affect the NCB?

A Dayinsure policy won’t affect any No Claims Bonus you might have already, or that of anyone else insured on the vehice. You can’t accrue any No Claims Bonus using short term insurance.

Does this policy cover anyone else to drive the car?

The Dayinsure Learner policy only provides cover for the learner driver to drive the vehicle, there’s no cover for anyone else to drive.

Does this insurance cover me to take my test?

Yes, if you’re taking your test in the car specified on this policy. But please remember that our cover stops as soon as you pass your test – so you will need to have different insurance to drive back from the test centre.

Who can supervise me?

The accompanying driver must be at least 25 and have held a full UK driving licence for at least 3 years.


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