Cheap car insurance for a week

Dayinsure 1 week car insurance is quick and easy when you require temporary cover for one or even a few weeks. You just need this information for a quote:

  • your name, address, date of birth and occupation, along with your email
  • the reg of the vehicle you will be insuring
  • your GB driving licence number.

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How does weekly insurance work?

Whenever you need one-week car insurance, our weekly cover means you’re able to easily get the insurance you need.

Complete our simple quote form

Let us know your name, UK address and GB driving licence number. We’ll also need your date of birth, occupation, and the registration number of the car you want to drive.

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Mobile app quote

Find out the price

Decide the duration of the cover you need, when you would like the policy to start, and if you want any add-ons.

Buy and set off!

To purchase your insurance cover, all you'll need is your payment details (debit or credit card) and you could be on the road in as little 15 minutes.

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What is one week car insurance?

Dayinsure short term car insurance is designed to cover you when you don’t need insurance for a longer period of time. There are a number of occasions when people need car insurance for a period of seven days.

What are the uses of weekly car insurance?

  • long journeys where a temporary, additional driver is needed to share the driving
  • your usual car is in for repair and you need to use a courtesy car
  • your child is home from university for the week and wants to drive a car they don’t usually use
  • driving holidays where you want to share the driving
  • visiting friends or family and using their car
  • the regular driver of the vehicle is ill
  • bridging the gap between one annual policy ending and another beginning

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Begin your quote

Fill in our form for a short term car insurance quote from Dayinsure, and get covered in a matter of minutes.

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Why choose 1 week insurance from Dayinsure?

Dayinsure weekly is a great option when you want car insurance for longer than a day but don’t need monthly car insurance.

Insurance from 1 hour to 30 days
Great value cover available to buy in minutes
All policies provide comprehensive cover
Policies are underwritten by Aviva, our key partner or other insurers

Benefits of Dayinsure seven day car insurance

There are many benefits one-week car insurance from Dayinsure provides, especially when you only need cover for a week.

Benefits of getting car insurance for a week:

  • needing to share the driving on a long journey
  • your 1-week car insurance policy can start within 15 minutes, so you can get going fast
  • 7-day car insurance can stop you having to buy an unnecessary yearly policy
  • fair prices on all short term insurance.

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Who is eligible for weekly insurance?