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Do you already have standard car insurance and need a temporary business top-up? Or are you looking for a business insurance quote to use a car you don’t normally drive? Either way, we have the solution for you.

Business Top-Up Insurance

Add business use to your existing personal motor insurance policy.

  • Need business use cover on your vehicle?
  • Already covered for social, domestic and pleasure in that vehicle?
  • Pay for business cover only when you need it.

Full business car insurance

All full Dayinsure policies allow you to drive a vehicle for business purposes.

  • available for 1 hour up to 30 days
  • available on your current car, or a car you don’t usually drive
  • includes SD&P cover as standard
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How does temporary business car insurance work?

Business-use insurance allows you to drive on behalf of a company or employer and covers a wide range of uses, such as travelling between work locations or visiting customers.

Fill out the quote form

All you need is your name, permanent address, date of birth, occupation and the registration number of the car you’ll be using for business.

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Dayinsure cheap temporary car insurance on mobile

You’ll get a quote

Tell us when you need the cover for and how long you want it to last.

Buy and off you go!

To finalise business insurance, you’ll just need your driving licence number and your payment information, whether debit card, credit card or PayPal.

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What is business car insurance?

Dayinsure’s business insurance cover is perfect for when you need to temporarily use a vehicle for business purposes. Whether that’s driving to an off-site meeting for one hour or borrowing a car to use for work for a few weeks, we can cover you.

There are many reasons why business insurance can be useful:

Benefits of Business car Insurance

Business insurance is quick to buy and provides great cover

As all of our business car insurance policies are underwritten by Aviva, you can be sure your cover is comprehensive. Get a policy to cover you for as long as you need, from one hour to one month, and you can even schedule the cover to start when you need it too.

If you do make a claim, not only can you have peace of mind knowing that you are covered, but our policies are standalone and therefore your annual policy’s No Claims Bonus will not be affected.

And, here at Dayinsure, we make sure to update the Motor Insurance Database at least once every 7 days, so you can have the confidence that your cover is known.


What does business car insurance cover?

There are many reasons for considering cheap business use car insurance:

Business use insurance is included in all our temporary car insurance policies at Dayinsure. There’s a common belief that annual insurance covers you to use your vehicle for business trips but many policies don’t! Often they only cover commuting to and from your regular place of work.

Why buy temporary business car insurance:

  • using someone else’s car for work on a day-by-day basis
  • borrowing a colleague’s car or using a company car to visit clients or other branches
  • travelling to conferences, meetings and training sessions away from your usual place of work
  • sharing cars and vans between employees so you can split the driving for business trips
  • needing a bigger vehicle to transport extra equipment or large items
  • borrowing a vehicle when your business vehicle is in the garage for repairs

Please note: We don’t cover hired cars, we cannot cover delivery drivers and you can’t use the insurance for a taxi, for deliveries or for door-to-door sales.

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Do I need business top-up?

There is a common belief that annual insurance policies cover you to use your vehicle for business trips, but many don’t…

Common examples include policyholders who:

  • choose Social Domestic & Pleasure use (SD&P) only. This only allows you to drive privately, for your own personal use.
  • have commuting cover already – but realise this only provides cover to and from a regular place of work.
  • add named drivers to a vehicle expecting them to have business use too. Unless you have requested it, it won’t.
Dayinsure business car insurance policies

How can Dayinsure business top-up help?

Our business top-up policy is perfect for when you’re already insured annually on a vehicle and are looking to add cover for business use temporarily.

Because Dayinsure business top-up only provides cover whilst you are using a vehicle for business, it’s only available if you have an existing annual policy for SD&P in force for that vehicle.

This means we are able to offer the product at a competitive price as it works alongside your existing level of cover.

Customers who have an existing SD&P policy may not want to pay for business use on their annual policy for infrequent use e.g. a commuter who uses public transport but uses their car during a rail strike.

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Business top-up at a glance

Still deciding whether a business top-up policy is for you? Here are the key things you should consider:

Cover for business use including commuting
For customers who already have an annual policy with SD&P
Does not provide social, domestic and pleasure cover
Available by the day, week or month

Uses of business top-up

There are many examples of times when Business use insurance is needed. Here are some things business use could do:

  • Provides cover when visiting clients or other branches.
  • Enables you to have cover while travelling to conferences, meetings and training sessions away from your usual place of work.
  • Means you can share cars and vans can with other employees, while driving can be split for business trips.
  • Helps you manage your fleet by adding or removing staff on policies
  • If you’re a tradesperson, it means you could use a bigger van to transport extra equipment or large items.
  • Gives temporary cover when your business car or van is in the garage for repairs
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Not already insured?

If you don’t already have SD&P cover on the vehicle or you are in any way unsure, you can purchase our Dayinsure short-term policy which provides comprehensive cover for both SD&P and business use.

Dayinsure business car insurance policies

Who is eligible for business or company car insurance?

Most drivers ages 18 to 75 years requiring Business use car insurance can be covered, along with many UK registered vehicles.

Vans up to 3.5 tonnes GVW can be covered. Discover the business insurance acceptance criteria below in our key documents.

It’s not just UK licence holders who can access car insurance for business. We can cover you if you have a valid GB, Northern Ireland or Isle of Man licence that’s been valid for at least 3 months (increased to 6 months if aged under 25).

Temporary business car insurance policies