Temporary classic car insurance

Our Dayinsure temporary classic car insurance is quick and easy to set up and great value for money.

For a quote, you’ll just need:

  • your email address, name, permanent address, date of birth, and occupation
  • the registration number of the classic car
  • your driving licence, or non-UK licence and passport

How does temp classic car insurance work?

You only pay for the cover you need with short-term classic car insurance, whether it’s on a vehicle you own or one you are borrowing.

Fill out the quick and simple form

All you need is your name, address, date of birth, occupation and registration number of the classic car.

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Discover the policy price

Pick a duration, when you’d like the cover to start and if you need any extras, like breakdown cover.

Pay and cruise away!

To finalise your classic car cover, just give us your licence number and pay (using debit card, credit card or PayPal.)

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What is classic car insurance?

For lovers of the vintage, the classic, the timeless, temporary classic car insurance allows you to take out a short-term policy, covering you for anything from an hour to a month. Our temp insurance policies give you comprehensive cover, so, should something happen, you know you’ll be covered.

Uses of short-term classic car insurance


Benefits of short-term classic car insurance

Temp classic car insurance can be arranged in a few minutes, with your motor insurance certificate available immediately to download and print. We provide temporary car insurance from ages between 18 and 75 (subject to underwriting criteria) and vehicles up to 61-years-old are considered.

You can choose to have temporary classic car insurance for any period between 1 hour, 1 week, 28 days or 30 days, with European cover available as part of our insurance services as an optional extra. This is perfect for those who own vintage cars, are part of a classic car club and for those considering becoming a classic car owner.

There is no need to worry about your No Claims Discount (NCD) on existing insurance arrangements being affected. Our temporary car insurance is standalone and protects existing policies in the event of an incident. This means that our car insurance is often cheaper than you may think.

Whether you’re a club member who is planning on testing a Morris Minor or an MG Midget or are looking for temporary cherished car insurance for a friend, our hourly insurance, weekly insurance and monthly insurance policies are a great option. For car enthusiasts, there is nothing better than finding a policy that suits you which is why our flexible options prove popular for classic car drivers.

Arranging classic car insurance is simple! Underwritten by Aviva, the UK’s largest authorised and regulated insurer, you can be sure you’re in good hands when taking out temporary classic car insurance with us here at Dayinsure.

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Begin your quote

That’s it – the whole journey takes a couple of minutes, and you could be behind the wheel of a classic car in 15 minutes.

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Why choose Dayinsure?

You only pay for the cover you need with short term classic car insurance, whether it’s on a specialist classic car you own or one you are borrowing.

Insurance from 1 hour to 30 days
Great value cover available to buy in minutes
All policies provide comprehensive cover
All policies underwritten by Aviva

Who is eligible for temporary classic car insurance?

Whether you are after one day insurance, a policy for a week or a month, discover our classic car acceptance criteria. This makes temporary classic car insurance great for allowing friends and family to drive your vehicle when they visit. Or you can take out temporary classic car insurance to cover yourself to drive a friend’s classic motor for a couple of days or weeks, such as when on holiday.

Our classic car insurance policies are great for people looking to take to the roads in a vintage car.

As well as UK licences, we can cover customers who hold a full EU, EEA, Australian, New Zealand, South African or Swiss driving licence and have done so for at least six months (reduced to three months, if aged over 25). Young drivers from the age of 18 can also be insured for one day or longer, but this depends on individual circumstances.