Quick and cheap monthly car insurance

Dayinsure one month car insurance is ideal when you require temporary cover for a few weeks.

To get a quick quote, you’ll just need:

  • your name, address, date of birth, occupation and an email address
  • the registration number of the vehicle you want to drive
  • a UK driving licence (or passport number for those with non-UK licences)
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How to get monthly car insurance

Purchasing monthly insurance is quick and easy, and you could be behind the wheel in 15 minutes.

Tell us about your quote

Just fill in a few personal details (like your name and address) along with the car’s registration number.

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You get the price

Select monthly cover (or less if you prefer), tell us when you want the cover to start and whether you want any of our add-on options.

Confirm payment and go!

To buy your temporary car insurance, you’ll need your driving licence number and payment details (debit, credit card or PayPal).

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What is one-month car insurance?

Dayinsure one-month car insurance is ideal when you require temporary cover for a short period.

It is quick and easy to buy short-term car insurance online, with all our policies underwritten by Aviva, ensuring you receive a trustworthy and quality policy.

What are the uses of Dayinsure monthly car insurance?

  • a friend or family member is visiting from abroad and needs to drive a car
  • your child is home from university for summer and wants to borrow your car
  • your vehicle is going to be in the garage for a long period and you need to borrow another
  • you are going on a driving holiday either within the UK or Europe (with the optional extra of comprehensive European cover)
  • you are a young driver who wants to borrow a friend or family member’s car whilst buying their own after learning to drive
  • you want to help drive a car you don’t own on a long road trip or to help a friend or relative
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Begin your quote

Fill in our quote form to see how much one-month car insurance will cost you and easily book your cover online.

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Why choose Dayinsure 1 month car insurance?

Dayinsure temporary insurance is a great option when annual insurance doesn’t give you the flexibility you need.

Insurance from 1 hour to 30 days
Great value cover available to buy in minutes
All policies provide comprehensive cover
All policies underwritten by Aviva

Benefits of Dayinsure one month car insurance

The main benefit of arranging 1-month car insurance is that it provides cost-effective cover for 30 days compared to individual day rates.

Cheap, one-month car insurance also avoids taking out an annual policy when you don’t need it for that long.

All our policies are standalone meaning there will be no impact on your No Claims Bonus should you need to make a claim.

Arranging 1-month car insurance is quick and efficient as you can receive a quote and book it online, with cover starting from 15 minutes later.

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Who is eligible for flexible monthly car cover?

Many drivers and vehicles are eligible for one-month car insurance at Dayinsure. Most drivers between 18 and 75 years old, depending on the vehicle and underwriting criteria, can be covered along with the majority of UK-registered vehicles.

We also offer temporary learner insurance for those who want to practice driving in their own car.

For those requiring cheap 1 month car insurance or van cover in the UK who are visiting from abroad, we also cover licence holders from various other countries and regions (who have held a driving licence for 6 months or more, or at least 3 months if over 25). These are: the EU, EEA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Switzerland.