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Welcome to the Road to Success hub

Ready to boost your confidence for your practical driving test? Then the Road to Success hub is for you!

From helpful guides to valuable ‘how to’ videos, we’ve collected our best resources into one place to help you prepare for your GB driving test and avoid the stress that comes with it. 

Temporary learner insurance lets you practice your practical skills in your own time, outside of driving lessons. Whether using your own car or borrowing a friend’s or family member’s, our flexible insurance can help you to get some extra time behind the wheel to improve your driving. 



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What is temporary learner driver insurance? 

Temporary learner driver insurance allows learner drivers to gain valuable on-road experience outside of driving lessons, using your own, a friend’s, or a relative’s car. Our temporary learner insurance covers the learner to drive on a provisional license, under proper supervision (accompanied by a qualified driver aged between 25 and 75), from 1 day up to 140 days. 

Find out more about our temporary learner insurance here.

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What are the benefits of learner driver insurance? 

There are a number of benefits to taking out our temporary learner driver insurance when practicing for your driving test. Our flexible and affordable car insurance provides you with: 

  • More driving experience at less cost: using learner driver insurance can often mean you don’t need to pay for additional professional lessons with a driving instructor. Our affordable insurance lets learners gain valuable on-road experience, under proper supervision from a friend or family member, without breaking the bank. 
  • Flexibility to suit your needs: our insurance ensures you only pay for the coverage you need. It’s as flexible as it gets, with no cancellation fees and coverage starting within minutes. What’s more, if you pass your test earlier than expected, you could even get some money back from your policy! 
  • Drive your car of choice: whether it’s your own, a friend’s, or a family member’s car, our learner insurance gives you the freedom to learn in a vehicle of your choice. This can be especially beneficial if your post-test car will be different from your instructor’s car, as it will allow you to familiarise yourself with your future wheels before you pass your test. 
  • No Claims Discount (NCD) safeguarding: our learner insurance allows for the safeguarding of the annual policyholder’s No Claims Discount (NCD), providing extra peace of mind whilst you’re out practicing. 
  • Comprehensive cover, backed by Aviva: our temporary learner driver insurance is fully comprehensive and provided by the UK’s leading insurer, Aviva, so you can be confident you’re in good hands. 
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