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What are the benefits of learner driver insurance?

For those who are learning to drive, choosing to buy temporary learner insurance is a wise move. Temporary insurance for learners allows those with a provisional licence to get behind the wheel of their own car as opposed to only learning in an instructor’s car or getting added to the annual policy of a friend or family member.

In this guide, we talk about the benefits of temporary learner driver insurance so you can make a decision and get the right insurance for you. So, what are the benefits?

You have more control over when you learn

One benefit of temporary learner insurance is the ability of the learner to get on the road as quickly as possible to improve their skills and enjoy driving. Without learner insurance, you might be left waiting for your once-weekly lessons. This isn’t the best way to learn and those who have already been bitten by the driving bug will want to get behind the wheel as often as possible. Learner insurance means you can practise exactly when you want to.

You can get extra practise in your own car

Teen learning to drive in own car

With temporary car insurance for learner drivers, you can also get in lots of extra practice, improving your skills quickly and reducing the amount of time you have to wait until you can become a fully qualified driver. Better still, if you already have the car that you will be driving once you have passed your test, you can start practising in this vehicle right now. Why only practise in your instructor’s car when you can get familiarised and use the very vehicle you will actually be driving? Think ahead and opt for learner driver insurance in your own car.

You might need fewer driving lessons as a result

If you opt for learner driver insurance, there’s a chance you can even reduce the number of driving lessons you will need. With your own provisional insurance, you can practice every day if you want to, which will advance your skills at a much quicker rate. As a result, the number of lessons you will need to pay for from an actual instructor will be far fewer. Not only is this a nice benefit money-wise (after all, who wants to keep forking out for driving lessons), but you also don’t have to worry about constantly planning for lessons and interrupting your normal schedule. Temporary learner insurance is definitely the convenient option to take.

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You can learn from a friend or family member

Father teaching son to drive

Some people will like the idea of learning from a friend or family member. Learning to drive can be quite daunting at first, so having a friendly face alongside you can be a big help. With learner insurance, you can spend time behind the wheel with your dad, mum, or whomever else you would like. This doesn’t have to be only in between official lessons either. If you want to, you can forgo lessons from an actual instructor, and learn from a friend or family member. Then, once you are ready, you can take your test.

It gives you flexibility

Temporary learner insurance provides incredible flexibility, and this is one of its greatest benefits. You don’t need to take out cover for endless months on end, you only have to pay for the cover you need. Temporary learner insurance can be taken from as little as 1 day to 5 months. Want to take a break from learning to drive for a while? No problem. Do you want to get in some last-minute practice? Easy. Just apply for a quote and you can be behind the wheel in minutes. Learner driver insurance for a day, or however long you need it, gives you the flexibility to drive as much or as little as you want without the hassle of a long-term commitment.

Avoid being named on another person’s policy

The alternative to learner driver insurance, if you want to practice without an instructor and their car, is to be named on another person’s annual policy, such as your mother or father. This will allow you to practice in their car. However, this isn’t the most ideal scenario as if an accident should occur, the policy holder’s no-claims discount will be impacted. While with temporary car insurance, you are the policyholder, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s policy or affecting their future premiums.

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How to get learner driver insurance?

Does learner driver insurance sound like the right choice for you? Getting covered is easy. All you need is:

  • your name, UK address, date of birth and email address
  • the vehicle’s registered keeper’s information
  • your provisional GB driving licence number.

Then you can apply for a quote and be covered in as little as 15 minutes.

Temporary learner insurance from Dayinsure works in a similar way to our regular temporary car insurance, so if you are looking to get your child covered as they learn and have used Dayinsure before, it’s the same easy process.

The benefits of learner driver insurance

  • you can get on the road quicker
  • you can get extra practise in your own car
  • you might need fewer driving lessons as a result
  • you can learn from a friend or family member
  • it gives you flexibility
  • avoid being named on another person’s policy.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy all the benefits of learner driver insurance and get covered today.