Why choose Dayinsure short-term motorhome insurance?

Dayinsure short-term motorhome insurance, which also includes campervans, can cover a wide range of scenarios. Examples –

Temp insurance on hired motorhomes

If you own a motorhome and want to hire it out (to hirees), please bear in mind this important point:

There’s more about the Financial Conduct Authority on the FCA website.

Are you eligible for our temp motorhome insurance?

To apply for short-term motorhome insurance with Dayinsure, you must meet these criteria:

Other important points:

Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly short-term motorhome insurance

Our policies put you in control, so you only pay for the insurance you need. You can have cover for one hour to one week, or for a specific number of days up to 30.

What you’ll need to buy short-term motorhome insurance

For a temp motorhome insurance quote, you’ll need:

We’ll display the one-day motorhome insurance price, then you decide:

Then, to buy the cover you’ll need:

If you need to extend your booking, you can easily do so on our user-friendly site.

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