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Temporary student car insurance

As a student, you may not need to drive year-round and therefore you may not require an annual insurance policy. When studying, money can be tight and having to fork out to insure a car you won’t use on a regular basis can be an expense not worth investing in.

However, whether you just want to borrow your parent’s car when home for the holidays or want to insure yourself on a flatmate’s car for a short while, temporary car insurance is perfect.

Benefits of short term car insurance for students

Whether you need cover during term time or the holidays, our temporary car insurance provides a quick and convenient solution and all of our policies offer fully comprehensive cover.

Our young driver insurance can be set up in as little as 15 minutes, can be prearranged if you need it for the future and can cover you for up to 30 days (in one policy, more if you organise back-to-back cover.)

As well as that, all of our short period policies include free legal expense cover, which means you can save money down the line if you are involved in an accident and require legal cover.

How much is temporary student car insurance?

The price of your temporary student car insurance depends on a lot of different factors, from your age, where in the country you are, what car you want to drive and how long you need the policy for.

The best way to discover the cost for yourself is to start a quote so you can get a true idea of the cost.

How can I reduce the cost of student car insurance?

The best way to improve the cost of your car insurance is to only pay for what you need, which is why a temporary policy is a great idea. It means you don’t need to pay out for an annual policy and only pay for what you need to use.

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What do you need to get a car insured?

For car insurance for students from the UK, you will need:

  • your name, address, DOB and email
  • registration number of the car to be insured
  • driving licence number.

Once you’ve provided that, you’ll just need to pick the length of time you need temporary cover for, when you want that cover to start and then pay using a debit or credit card.

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FAQS: Car insurance for students

What should I say is my address on my car insurance?

When it comes to insurance, honesty really is the best policy and you should always give the address you live at full time. However, if you are between accommodation for the holidays and are taking out temporary student car insurance on your parents’ car at home, it’s likely you should submit their address.

What if I decide to leave my car at home?

All cars need to be insured, unless they are registered as SORN. So, even if you are only taking our car insurance for university holidays, you need to make sure someone else is insured on the car year-round to keep it legal.

Can I get financial support from my university to insure my car?

This will depend on your university’s policies and whether they may offer support to any students who need to drive for their commute. The best thing you can do is enquire with your student union to find out more about your university’s policies.

Can my flatmates share my insurance?

The policy you take out will only be valid for you, even if your flatmates do live at the same address. However, as our cover starts at only a day, if your flatmates want to borrow your car for a short period, they are able to do so with our cheap temporary car insurance.

Do I have to declare I am a student when getting car insurance?

When filling out your form to get a quote, we will ask you your occupation. The are a few student options, so choose the one that best describes you.

Can I learn to drive at university?

Yes, when you go to university, whether moving away or staying at home, you can learn to drive. Often the added independence of university can be a great push to also get behind the wheel. And, if you want to learn to drive independently, we can offer temporary learner driver insurance options that will keep the costs down for you as much as possible.