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Driver queries FAQs

Can you insure me if I have points on my driving licence / convictions or I have been disqualified?

To check if you are suitable for an Aviva policy with us please read our acceptance criteria.

To check if you are suitable for an Mulsanne policy with us please read our acceptance criteria.

My vehicle wasn’t recognised, what should I do?

Please choose the make and model of your vehicle from the drop-down lists. The vehicle registration number you typed in will be shown on your policy certificate. If your vehicle isn’t listed at all then unfortunately this means we’re not able to insure this vehicle.

Can I use Dayinsure if there’s already an annual insurance policy on the vehicle?

Yes, this insurance is completely separate to any insurance already on the vehicle. It does not affect the annual policy already on the vehicle although you will not be able to claim on both policies.

Can I insure my vehicle if it has been modified?

Yes, but the only modifications we can accept are LPG conversions, disabled access and fitted tow bars.

Can you insure vehicles that have been seized by the police or impounded?

No. Our insurance can’t be used on vehicles that have been seized, impounded or taken by the police.

Can you insure a hired or rented vehicle?

We can insure hired motorhomes but not hired or rented cars, vans or other vehicles.

Is there a maximum weight for the vehicle?

Cars and vans: 3.5 tonnes. Motorhomes: 5 tonnes.

Can you insure a vehicle with more than 8 seats?

No, we can only insure vehicles with a maximum of 8 seats (including the driver’s).

Can you insure vehicles that have been exported or imported?

No, we can’t insure cars that are being exported or imported or that have been imported previously. The vehicles must be manufactured for the UK (right-hand drive) and be UK registered.

Are there any age restrictions?

We can insure drivers aged between 18 and 75.

Can you insure me if I’m not a UK resident?

Unfortunately, if you are not a permanent resident of the UK (England, Scotland and Wales) we cannot offer insurance to you.

Which driving licences do you accept?

We only accept driving licences issued in Great Britain (England, Scotland or Wales).

Do I have to be the registered keeper or owner to buy short-term insurance?

No – you don’t need to be the registered keeper, as long as you have the owner’s permission!