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Emergency car insurance

Make sure you’re covered for any last-minute issues with the great value emergency car insurance we offer at Dayinsure. Day insurance can be a real lifesaver when you need fast and convenient cover for those unexpected moments in life.

It could be that your car won’t start, and you need to borrow your partner’s vehicle to get to work for an important meeting, or that you’re visiting friends, but the designated driver has fallen ill so you need to get behind the wheel. Whatever the situation, the cheap temporary car insurance we provide for emergencies offers the perfect solution for short periods.

What is emergency car insurance?

Emergency car insurance is simply cover for your car that you need in an emergency, something temporary to get you through a tricky period. We discuss some examples of when you might need such insurance in the sub-section below.

All of our car insurance policies are underwritten by Aviva, our key partner, or other insurers. If you require car insurance for emergencies, then the fact that you can get your insurance certificate in about two minutes by applying online and your comprehensive cover will start within 15 minutes of making a booking is ideal.

When do you need emergency car insurance in the UK?

There are various situations when a person may require cheap emergency car insurance:

  • your car won’t start so you need cover to drive a friend or family member’s vehicle
  • your car has been stolen so you need to borrow a vehicle
  • a relative needs to borrow your car
  • to give a learner driver a quick lesson
  • the driver is ill or unable to drive back so you need insuring for an hour or two
  • you are a non-car owner who has to make a sudden journey such as for a job interview.

Plenty of other reasons for requiring emergency car insurance exist as well. It doesn’t have to be just for a car either, we provide temporary van cover and motorhome insurance for use in emergencies.

Business use, free legal expenses cover and no impact on your No Claims Discount (NCD) on annual policies if you have a claim are also included.

Please note: Legal Expenses Cover is not included on Learner Policies.

The emergency car insurance is flexible to cover anywhere from one to 30 days for drivers aged 18 to 75. If it’s learner driver emergency insurance, then this is available for 17 to 75-year-olds for periods of two hours to five months.

How to choose the right emergency car insurance coverage

Emergency cover is super flexible so depending on the emergency at hand, you will be able to decide exactly what you need. Choosing the right emergency cover is completely unique to your situation so make sure to pick something that is customisable and that doesn’t take very long to set up.

As mentioned, ours takes just 15 minutes from making the booking. If you think that you will need any extras, such as breakdown cover, make sure that you have requested that too.

Is temporary or annual car insurance better for emergencies?

All drivers require car insurance, no matter when you are driving, you must be covered. But when it comes to emergencies, is it better to opt for temporary or annual cover?

As a driver, you will know that setting up annual insurance can take some time, so this isn’t exactly ideal for an emergency. On the other hand, short term car insurance can be set up in a matter of minutes.

The flexibility also makes temporary short term cover the right choice. If you only need to drive for a few hours or days, getting annual insurance will be a waste of money when you could simply get covered for the exact length of time you require.

Also, if you don’t use all of your policy, we’ll refund you for the days you don’t use. For example, if you buy 7 days but use 2, you can get a refund for the unused time. So, save time and cash by opting for temporary car insurance cover.

Can I adjust an existing policy to get emergency cover?

While you certainly can adjust an existing policy and this will be cheaper than taking out annual insurance, it’s not the ideal solution by any means.

If you add a new driver to an existing policy, this counts as ‘Mid-term Adjustment’ which incurs additional fees and can even cause the policy holder’s premiums to go up.

Further still, if you were to get into an accident while driving under someone else’s policy, they would lose their No Claims Discount.

However, opting for your own, temporary emergency cover will mean that no one else’s policies are impacted, and you get the exact insurance you need.

What you’ll need for emergency car insurance

Get a quote for emergency car insurance below. To receive a quote, you will need to know:

  • your full name and D.O.B
  • address, telephone number, email
  • your occupation
  • GB driving licence number
  • registration number of the car to be insured.

Then simply decide how long you want the cover for, when it will start and any add-ons (such as European or breakdown cover). To purchase car insurance for emergencies you then need your payment details (debit or credit card).

Then you’re done in a matter of minutes and the cover can begin in as little as 15 minutes.