Insurance Uses

What can I use this insurance for?

From arranging an MOT to driving in Europe, check below for how our insurance policies can be used.


Insurance Uses FAQs

Does the policy provide cover for business use?

Yes, all Dayinsure policies provide cover Business Use for the main short term driver. There’s no cover for Hire and Reward, so the insurance doesn’t cover you as a delivery driver or taxi service.

Can I tow when insured by you?

Yes – you can tow or pull another car with our insurance. The car that’s pulling is comprehensively insured, but the car being pulled will only have third-party insurance.

Can I use your insurance to take my car/van to an MOT?

Yes – we can insure cars for their MOT. But it depends on other things too. It’s best to complete an application form here so we can give you an answer.

Can you insure me to drive abroad?

Our insurance includes third-party cover for a trip to countries within the EU automatically – as long as the car is in the UK when the insurance starts and finishes. You can upgrade this to comprehensive cover when you’re completing the application. We can’t insure you in any country outside the EU. Please be aware this may change in the coming months due to Brexit.

Can I buy road tax with a Dayinsure policy?

Yes – we aim to update the Motor Insurance Database every 24 hours for online tax applications. If you want to tax your car at a post office, they decide whether or not they accept Dayinsure insurance so please check with them first.


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