Temporary insurance uses

What can I use Dayinsure temporary insurance for?

From arranging an MOT to driving in Europe…, find out how you can use our short-term car insurance policies and find the answers to any questions you may have.

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Short-term insurance uses and FAQs

Can I use your insurance to take my car or van to an MOT?

Please check your Motor IPID (Insurance Product Information Document) and Acceptance Criteria to see if this cover is provided as part of your policy.

Does the policy provide cover for business use?

Yes, all Dayinsure policies offer cover if you want to insure a car for business use or are borrowing a car from a friend. However, the policy only covers the main short-term driver who must hold a full UK driving licence. There’s no insurance cover for hire and reward, so the insurance doesn’t cover you as a delivery driver or taxi service.

Can I tow when insured by you?

Please see the policy wording for more information on the towing restrictions for your policy.

Can you insure me to drive abroad?

Yes. Our insurance includes third-party cover for a trip to countries within the EU, the EEA and Switzerland automatically – as long as the car is in the UK when the insurance starts and finishes.

You may upgrade this cover to comprehensive cover when you’re completing the application.

We can’t provide insurance to you in a country outside the EU, EEA and Switzerland. Please click here to confirm which countries are in the EU and EEA.


Can I buy road tax with a Dayinsure policy?

Yes, we aim to update the Motor Insurance Database several times a day for online tax applications, but this can take up to 7 days. If you want to tax your car at a post office, they will decide whether or not they accept Dayinsure insurance policies, so please check with them first.

Please note: learner drivers should get a learner driver policy, which can be arranged here. They are not covered to drive a car on a general Dayinsure policy.


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