Temporary Car Insurance – When Are You Likely To Need It?

There are many occasions when you may need a Short Term Insurance policy. Usually this can be planned, but there are times when you need Short Term Motor Cover urgently, or in an emergency.

For planned uses including:

Borrowing A Car

Weekend car insurance is great when you have the opportunity to borrow a car, say for a weekend away with your partner, and you are struggling to get your annual motor insurer to amend the annual policy to cover the few days you need. With our Daily Insurance Policies, you can book in advance just for the days you need cover (up to 30 days) and the policy will be live when you are due to set off. You can specify the time you want your Temporary Policy to start and pay in advance giving security that you will be comprehensively covered by a policy in your name. You can even add a driver to share the driving over long distances.


Often people will need Short Term Car Insurance during holiday periods. This may be required to share the driving on a journey, or to borrow a car that has a feature that your car doesn’t i.e. a tow bar etc. Sometimes you may need to add an additional driver for your own car, or you may need Short Term Car Insurance to borrow a friend’s car for holidays abroad. Often this is because the borrowed car is more reliable or has greater capacity to carry passengers and luggage.

Getting A New Vehicle Purchase Home

Another example of a planned use is buying a car from an auction or private sale where you need temporary car cover to drive the vehicle away, or to test drive a car you may be thinking of buying. It could be as simple as trying out another car belonging to friends or family.

Student Children Using Your Car

Students often create problems when they come home from university and need to drive their parent’s car whilst at home. Relatives visiting from abroad who hold a UK or EEC licence can buy temporary motor insurance to borrow your car to get about, instead of incurring hire car charges. The need for short term insurance can be as simple as your son/daughter wanting to borrow your car without having to put them on your annual motor policy, and putting your no claims bonus at risk.

Borrowing A Van To Move House

There are occasions when you need to borrow a larger vehicle to move bulky items, or borrow a van to move furniture during a house move. You may find situations where you will help a friend or relative by driving their car or perhaps you need to borrow a car with a roof rack.

For Emergency Uses:

The type of situations where you may need Day Insurance in an emergency are where a driver is too ill to drive and you need to be able to take over the driving at short notice. You can buy a One Day Insurance policy on-line immediately to start 15 minutes after the purchase. It is fast and flexible and if you need more Days Cover then you can log back in and buy the extra days you need at your convenience 24 hours a day.

When a crisis is upon you and you need to be mobile, short term motor insurance can be a godsend. Your car isn’t working and you need to borrow a car to get the kids to school or yourself to work. You may have lent your car out and find you need to use another car to undertake a vital task. As the process to obtain temporary cover is simple and quick, you can be mobile in minutes on the same day.

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