UK driving licence

What do you need to insure a car?

When taking out a Dayinsure policy, whether you want to cover a car for a day or motorhome for a month, we need a bit of information about you to set up your policy. In this guide, find out exactly what you need so you are ready to take out a quote.

What documents do I need to get car insurance in the UK?

In order to take out a temporary car insurance policy, or a temporary van insurance policy, you will need to provide:

  • your full name (as it appears on your driving licence)
  • your date of birth
  • you permanent, home address
  • your occupation
  • your email address
  • the registration of the car you want to drive
  • your driving licence number.

If you are looking at temporary motorhome insurance, we will need the chassis manufacturer and engine size of your motorhome, as well as the registration number.

Do I need a driving licence to insure a car?

If you currently have a provisional driving licence, then our temporary learner insurance policies have you covered. Perfect for getting some extra learning in before your big test, you’ll just need your provisional driving licence number to purchase car insurance, as opposed to a full driving licence number.

We are unable to provide insurance without a driver licence, this includes excluded drivers.

How can I pay for temporary car insurance?

Wallet with debit cards

Buying car insurance with Dayinsure is easy, you can use a debit or credit card to pay for your policy.

If you’ve paid for a temporary policy, but then discover you don’t need to use the full policy, we can even refund you on the days you haven’t used, provided you haven’t had to file a claim. A great way to save money and allow you complete flexibility.

Learn more about the Dayinsure refund policy here.

What documents will I get when I insure my car?

Once you’ve completed your quote and have bought insurance, we will provide you with your Insurance Certificate, which we recommend you keep a copy of with you whilst driving at all times. This acts as proof of cover.

As well as that, we guarantee to update the Motor Insurance Database’s driving records within 7 days with our cover information.

For a full explanation of insurance terminology, check out our insurance glossary today!