Temporary Car Insurance Glossary

As with most professions there are a number of very specific words/phrases that mean something to those in the profession but little to those outside. In order to assist you in understanding these words and terminologies we have put together a glossary of terms with a brief explanation of what they mean.

What are the benefits of temporary car insurance?

Every annual car insurance policy has the opportunity to decrease the cost depending upon the number of claim free years motoring. The reductions can be as much as 70% of the premium so they are well worth preserving. A claim can result in losing the no claims discount (called NCD) and it can take several years of claim free motoring to claw it back.

Uses of daily car insurance

There are many occasions when you may need a Short Term Insurance policy. Usually this can be planned, but there are times when you need Short Term Motor Cover urgently, or in an emergency.
Weekend car insurance is great when you have the opportunity to borrow a car, say for a weekend away…

Test drive insurance for buyers and sellers

Buyers – Why is it so important to take a test drive before you buy?
Sellers – Why should I facilitate a customer test drive?
Why is it so important to take a test drive before you buy?

Temporary car insurance for expats

People who have emigrated and no longer reside in the UK, but return to visit friends, family and sightseeing etc often have no option but to hire a vehicle during their stay in the UK or borrow a car from family and get added as an additional driver on the car owners annual policy.

Guide to Learner Driver Insurance

If you’ve got a provisional licence or are thinking of getting one, then you’ll need to give some thought to arranging insurance before you can get out driving. This article lays out your options, and their pros and cons.
Almost all driving instructors carry their own insurance which allows any driver to drive their vehicle for the purpose of instruction.