Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get the most from our insurance products, we have tried to provide as much information on our site as possible. Below is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions to help you, courtesy of our support team.

If you don't find the answer you are looking for here, please contact our Support team on 0845 450 6615 or email

Can I telephone for a quote?

No you cannot buy by Telephone. For a Quote or to Purchase Cover, please use the online application form.

If the site has problems, who do I call?

You can email our support AT ANY TIME or call 0845 450 6615 (during normal office hours only).

Can I insure a hired/rented vehicle?

We do NOT insure hired or rented vehicles. The ONLY EXCEPTION is Motorhomes: we can cover hired or rented Motorhomes.

Can I insure an imported or non UK registered vehicle?

We do NOT offer cover for imported or non UK registered vehicles.

Can I insure a vehicle with more than 8 seats?

NO, the maximum number of seats we can insure is 8. See our full Terms and Conditions.

What is the maximum size of vehicle I can insure?

Our maximum gross vehicle weight is 3.5 tonnes, motorhomes up to 5 tonnes.

Does your insurance cover towing a boat/caravan/trailer?

Yes. The driven vehicle is insured on a comprehensive basis. The towed element is insured on a third party basis only.

Does vehicle age effect my application for cover?

Yes. To be sure, you should enter your vehicle details in the Quote Form to see if we can insure it.

Do I have to be the registered keeper to buy short term cover?

NO. You can insure a vehicle you do not own with the owners permission.

What type of licence is acceptable?

We accept Full UK, EU and Australian or New Zealand Licences subject to Terms and Conditions.

Can I buy cover if I am not a UK resident?

Yes. See Terms for further information.

Can I buy Road Tax with a dayinsure policy?

Yes. dayinsure short term insurance is suitable. (At the sole discretion of the individual post office and we cannot guarentee that it will be acceptable).

How and when will I get my insurance details?

Available to print from our site and on a PDF via a confirmation email sent after purchase. You can also request a Postal copy at the time of purchase for an additional fee.

Do you cover importing and exporting of vehicles?

NO. We cannot offer cover under those circumstances.

What are the age limits for dayinsure cover?

Our minimum age is 19 and the maximum age is 75 (Conditions apply).

What level of cover does a dayinsure policy offer?

All dayinsure policies are comprehensive.

What is the excess on my policy?

Our excess levels vary - Please see your Insurance schedule for details.

When will my policy appear on the MID?

We do daily updates to the MID so it could take up to 28 hours to appear on MID.

Can I cancel my dayinsure policy?

You may cancel your policy at any time. However due to the short term nature of the insurance, there is NO REFUND OF PREMIUM.

Who shall I call if I need to make a claim?

For Aviva policies call 08000 156 166.

Can I be covered outside of the EU?

No. Our cover is only valid whilst travelling in an EU member country.

Can this policy be used to retrieve a seized/impounded vehicle?

NO. Our policies can NOT be used for this purpose.

Can I change the details within my policy?

Once a policy is approved no changes can be made.

I bought Breakdown Cover, who should I contact if I breakdown?

For Allianz Global Assistance policies call 0845 641 9713 if you are in the UK. Call +44 (0)208 603 9713 if you are in Europe.
For RAC Breakdown policies call 0800 056 4481.

Can I purchase vehicle tax with my policy?

Whilst our policies are widely accepted at many Post Offices and DVLA Local Offices, and also online via the DVLA direct website at, we cannot guarantee that a short term certificate will be accepted when purchasing vehicle tax. There may occasionally be instances where your application is refused – in such circumstances we will unfortunately not be able to refund any premiums.

When is my policy submitted to the Motor Insurance Database (MID)?

All our Short Term Insurance policies are submitted to the Motor Insurance Database (MID) at midnight every day, and consequently any online car tax applications will depend upon the MID being updated accordingly.

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