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Guide to driving in France

If you’re planning a road trip to Europe this year, then you’re more than likely going to be driving through France to get there.

Along with the necessary documents such as a valid UK driving licence, proof of insurance, passport and your vehicle registration document, there are a few things you should have with you before crossing the channel. We’ve broken down our top tips on what you’ll need to bring with you to meet the requirements for driving in France.

Reflective Jackets

It is essential to carry a high visibility jacket for every passenger which is easily within reach if needed. You are expected to be wearing your jacket from the moment you step out of your vehicle or risk a substantial fine.

Warning Triangle

Having a warning triangle is a legal requirement in France. Although this may seem unnecessary, a warning triangle can be great if you do break down or have an accident along the way and alert oncoming traffic of your situation.

Spare Bulbs

While in the UK motorists are required to get their bulbs fixed as soon as possible after a failure, French driving laws require your to carry spare bulbs to replace it there and then. You can pick up spare bulbs at most motor shops at a relatively low cost, so ensuring you have these ready before you enter Europe can save you from a hefty fine if you do come into trouble.

Breathalyser kit

All motorists travelling in France will have to carry a breathalyser kit for personal use. Although the on-the-spot fine associated with this has now been removed indefinitely, it is still important to take one in case you do get stopped.

First Aid Kit

Investing in a first aid kit can come in very useful on your travels and is also an essential item when driving in France.

GB sticker

You must have a GB sticker on the rear of your car if your number plate doesn’t already have the GB symbol.

Beam deflectors

UK cars are designed to drive on the left-hand side of the road, meaning that when you are travelling through Europe, your high beam may be too bright for oncoming traffic at night. These self-adhesive masks ensure that you won’t dazzle people on the other side of the road during your trip.

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