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Borrow a motorhome to tour Cologne this Xmas with short term car insurance

One of the most popular activities on the run up to Christmas is visiting markets. Cologne is home to some of the very best Christmas markets and if you own a motorhome you can travel around visiting them. If you don’t own your own motorhome, and you can borrow a friend’s or relative’s, then you may wish to consider short term car insurance for the motorhome. You are then free to go trekking around Cologne and take in the markets. Along with short term cover you might also want to give some thought to adding on temporary European breakdown cover.

Nothing could be worse during the hustle and bustle on the run up to Christmas, of breaking down in Europe. Having to deal with the costs of breakdown in a foreign country can be very worrying and costly. Short term European breakdown cover may, thankfully, not be needed. However in the worst case scenario it would be a cushion to fall back on.

Many of the European Christmas markets have been taking place for many centuries. In December they get very busy and can draw in crowds of more than two million. There are numerous markets to choose from when considering hiring a motorhome and visiting Europe for a break.

Short term motorhome insurance and temporary European breakdown cover

Typically short term car insurance can be taken out for anything from one day to 28 days. Of course you will need more than one day to tour some of the Christmas markets located throughout Europe. Bear in mind that when taking out short term cover, it doesn’t automatically come with short term European breakdown cover included. Generally, you would have to take temporary European breakdown cover as a separate policy. However as it is a valuable safety net, it can be well worth the small extra outlay, for peace of mind.

Christmas markets well worth a visit

Cologne is a great place to visit in your motorhome as they have four different Christmas markets. The largest market is Am Dom, which is set in the foreground of the cathedral and its towering two spires, in the square. Here you can take in more than 160 stalls, which are situated around a large Christmas tree. There is plenty of music courtesy of bands and musicians in the street, providing often very enjoyable entertainment.

Lying south of Cologne is Alter Markt, which is found in what is known as the older part of the town. This is a Christmas market that adopts a very friendly approach towards children. It typically includes a Santa’s Grotto, fairground carousel and puppet theatre. Here you can get anything from traditional wooden toys that are handmade to candyfloss and gingerbread.

With a borrowed motorhome and short term motorhome insurance with short term European breakdown cover behind you, you and your family can relax and enjoy your road trip, with the Christmas magic of Cologne.

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