Temporary Car Insurance for Australian and New Zealand drivers

Short term Car Insurance for Australian and New Zealand licence holders

Australian and New Zealand driving licence holders visiting the UK for a holiday, business or family can now buy short term car insurance* to borrow a car and be comprehensively insured for the days needed. The temporary car insurance can be purchased 28 days in advance of a trip or on the spur of the moment in minutes. The insurance certificate is emailed to your computer and can be printed off at home. The Motor Insurers Bureau (MID) are notified within 48 hours. You can purchase short term insurance for cars, vans, classic cars and motorhomes. The insurance policies are underwritten by Aviva.

*subject to acceptance criteria

Australian licence Car Insurance

If you hold an Australian driving licence you can apply on line in minutes for comprehensive car insurance to cover a car, van, motorhome or classic car you are borrowing at competitive insurance premiums. It is great where you do not want to hire a car for your visit, but want to use a car entirely at your convenience. The temporary car insurance is flexible so you can insure the car for between 1 and 28 days up to a maximum of 118 days in any one calendar year. If you want to buy short term insurance for a day or a few days at a time and then take a break before you need to insure the car again, you can as our car insurance is totally flexible. You insure as and when you want.

New Zealand licence Car Insurance

Usually it is very difficult to buy car insurance to get comprehensive cover to borrow a car whilst visiting the UK. The alternative is to hire a car during the stay in the UK but this can prove inflexible as usually the hire period leaves days when the care is not in use. We offer an alternative to buying car insurance by offering day insurance to buy car insurance as and when needed from a single day up to 28 days. You can buy the car insurance in minutes from our website to cover only the actual days needed whilst you are using the car, van, classic car or motorhome. The cost of the car insurance is competitive and the choice to buy convenient. The temporary car insurance policy is in your name and does not affect the owners no claims bonus.

Short Term Car Insurance for New Zealand licence

One of the great benefits of short term car insurance for New Zealand licence holders is the insurance policy is in your name as a standalone policy that does not affect the no claims bonus of the annual policy of the vehicle owner. You can buy the temporary insurance in less than 5 minutes from our website and print of the certificate of insurance on your printer. You drive in the UK with a comprehensive car insurance policy in your name underwritten by either Aviva and it is registered with the Motor Insurers Bureau (MID) within 48 hours. There is a full claims service process provided by either Aviva.

Short Term Car Insurance for Australian licence

When you visit the UK it would be great if there was an easy way to buy short term insurance to cover a car you want to borrow rather than having to hire a car for your trip. We have developed our temporary insurance product for cars, vans, motorhomes and classic cars to enable you to buy a short term policy for time you need it whilst in the UK. You can buy policies to cover different vehicles during you stay and it can be bought for a day at a time or for longer, up to 28 days at any one time, depending upon your needs.

Day Insurance for Australian and New Zealand licence holders

If you are a UK expat and now live in Australia or New Zealand and have changed your driving licence to an Australian or new Zealand licence, or always held one, you can now buy day insurance to cover a car, classic car, van or motorhome whilst driving in the UK when you return for a visit. The day insurance policies are comprehensive and can be purchased in minutes from our website. This is flexible temporary insurance from 1 to 28 days and a great alternative to hiring a car when you visit the UK. You can now buy a short term insurance policy in your name as and when you need it to borrow a friends or family car to drive during your stay in the UK.

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