ford fiesta in blue

Why is the Ford Fiesta so popular?

The news that Ford is to discontinue the Fiesta supermini marks the end of an era. For decades now, it has firmly cemented itself as one of the UK’s most popular (if not the most popular) car choices. Ever since it first launched here in 1977, millions have been sold. And you can be sure that despite coming to the end of its production road, it’ll still be a popular option for years to come.

Ford might not see an electric future for the model, but why is the Ford Fiesta so popular in the UK? It topped 4.11 million total sales in 2014 to become the nation’s best-selling vehicle of all time. There are many reasons why motorists have flocked to the Fiesta – whether it be as their first car, a handy runaround, or even a family workhorse. And here are some of those reasons…

Is the Ford Fiesta a good car?

Ask a previous owner if the Ford Fiesta is a good car and the answer will usually be “yes”. That might seem like a vague response. After all, what constitutes ‘good’? But across so many of the standard criteria you’d apply to this question, the Fiesta often comes up trumps. And it’s in one of the most topical areas amid the cost-of-living crisis where this car reveals its first virtue.


Just buying a Ford Fiesta is an attractive option for many motorists because its upfront cost is a palatable one. Of course, buying a brand-new motor is always going to prove more expensive in comparison with a used option. But a starting price of around £18,000 depending on where your search takes you is relatively modest by new car standards.

The used market is arguably where the affordability of the Fiesta really shines. Being so popular means there are loads of second-hand Fiestas out there. And when there’s such a strong supply of vehicles, there is every chance you’ll find one at a decent price that fits your budget. This will depend on its age and trim, but even a five-year-old Fiesta  .

Running costs

The Fiesta is a good option for drivers who don’t want their car to be a continuing drain on their finances. There are unavoidable costs that come with owning a car – tax, insurance and fuel to name the three big ones. But this supermini does help ease that burden in a few ways. To start with, some versions with smaller engines registered before 1 April 2017  .

Next, there’s the car insurance – a legal requirement if nothing else. The most basic Fiestas are included in insurance group 2, which – out of the 50 groups used by insurers – is unsurprisingly second-best for affordability. It all depends on the type of Fiesta you’re driving, however. Some of the sportier and higher-performance versions can be as high as insurance group 30.

The relatively low cost of insurance is one reason why the Ford Fiesta is so popular with learners and drivers who have just passed their test. Once you’re all taxed and insured too, all Fiestas fare well when it comes to fuel economy. So, the cost of filling up at the pump won’t be as eye-watering as it might be with another make and model.

Is the Ford Fiesta a reliable car?

Linked to running costs is the question of whether the Ford Fiesta is a reliable car. It doesn’t matter if a car is cheap to run if all those savings are being eaten up with frequent trips to your local garage. The good news, however, is Fiestas do have a good reputation for being a car you can rely on. But a lot can come down to how you drive yours – and your personal experience.

Easy-to-source spare parts

Like any car, things can sometimes go wrong with a Fiesta. One of the upsides of being such a popular car, however, is that spare parts are pretty easy to come by. Many garages could have the parts stocked already. So, any mechanical failure your car suffers won’t be made worse by your mechanic having to source, order and receive a replacement part.

It’s highly unlikely that any replacement Fiesta parts need to be specially sourced either. Some high-end cars, for example, might require specific or direct-from-manufacturer parts. But that’s unlikely to be the case with your Fiesta (unless you’ve modified it). As a result, that should help keep any repair costs down too.

Is the Ford Fiesta a good first car?

In terms of cost alone, there’s a really strong argument for the Ford Fiesta being a good first car. Yet, we all know that cost isn’t everything. There’s no point in buying a car just because it isn’t a drain on the finances if it turns out to be an uncomfortable, impractical option. So, for all those newer drivers out there, here are some other reasons why a Fiesta makes for a great first car.


New to the roads? Have some shiny ‘P’ plates ready to go? You don’t need to rush out and find the biggest car you can afford. There’s nothing wrong with starting small and scaling up as you get more experience behind the wheel. So, while the Fiesta is on the smaller side as cars go, it can be a perfect match for new drivers for that very reason.

Let’s think about that for a moment.

A smaller car can be easier and much more comfortable to handle. As you get more confidence out on the road, you’ll notice how well it handles on long straights and twisty country roads. The Ford Fiesta is also a good first car because it’s handy when parking – not least if you have a tight squeeze or a tricky parallel park to attempt.


As a first car, you can rest assured the Fiesta won’t lose you style points. Sure – this car choice is great for its practicality and versatility. But Ford didn’t just focus on those features and leave the style to chance. Over its many years with us, the Fiesta received several facelifts to keep in tune with the latest trends and consumer preferences.

That said, there is still a lot of affection for the design of the 1980s XR2 Mk I and Mk II.

The design upgrades that kept the Fiesta in line with its closest rivals were also accompanied by improved spec, trim levels, and technology. For 2022, an all-new Fiesta includes Rear Occupant Alert and a Wrong Way Alert. Meanwhile, the Sync infotainment system has long offered mobile phone connectivity – helpful for getting Spotify on the go if the radio or CD player won’t cut it.

Are you sold on the Ford Fiesta?

Are you in the market for a new car? No matter if it’s your first set of wheels or a second family vehicle, it’d come as no surprise to many if a Ford Fiesta is on your list of potential options. But it’s essential – whether you do opt for a Fiesta or not – that you get your admin in order before you head to the forecourt.

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