Warning triangle on winter road

What to pack in your winter breakdown kit

Driving in the winter means that your car will be exposed to much tougher conditions with snow and ice taking their toll on your car, making a breakdown more likely. Because of this, it is important to be prepared for a breakdown before driving to ensure you are safe.

Here’s our top things to pack in your winter breakdown kit to ensure you don’t get caught out this winter.

Road accident. Warning triangle and driver in a reflective safety vest near the broken car. Focus on triangle

Warm clothes and blankets

Having warm clothes and blankets for you and your passengers can be a huge help if you break down in the cold. A breakdown could mean you’re waiting a long time for a recovery truck outside in the cold weather so keeping a warm coat and gloves in your car means that you are ready for this eventuality.


With the sun setting earlier, the risk of breaking down in the dark is increasing. Having a torch in your car, whether that’s a hand-held torch or simply the one on your phone can be a huge help if you’re stuck in the dark.

Food and drink

Before setting off on your journey, especially in the winter months, food and drinks are a great thing to bring in case you get stuck on the road.

In-car phone charger

Having an in-car phone charger is essential. Being able to charge your phone and make that all important phone call is one big reason to keep one in your car at all times.

Ice scraper & de-icer

There’s nothing worse than waiting for your car to defrost on a cold winter morning when you’re already running late for work. Having a de-icer handy is a great time saver – you’ll be thanking yourself on that cold winter morning.


Although this isn’t likely to be used as much as some other items on this list, it can be easy to be caught out in the snow when driving on the cold winter roads.

Jumpstart cables

Flat batteries can happen to any car, however, in the winter weather, you are more at risk of this type of breakdown. Carrying your own jump cables mean that you can get back on the road in no time.

Warning triangle Hi-Vis jacket

In case of a breakdown, a warning triangle can alert drivers of your situation, keeping you and your fellow drivers safe.