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Cost of temporary car insurance

Temporary car insurance offers drivers quick, flexible cover when it’s needed most. Whether you want to insure someone on your vehicle or yourself on another, it’s always worth weighing up the cost of temporary car insurance and the benefits you stand to gain compared to other options.

With this guide, we explore some of the most common questions about the cost of temporary car insurance and provide some tips to put you in the driver’s seat when you next need short-term cover.

What is temporary car insurance?

First things first: what is temporary car insurance? If you weren’t already aware, it covers you to drive a particular vehicle for a limited period and works much like standard annual car insurance. The main difference is that a policy usually insures you for anywhere from one hour to 30 days, depending on your needs.

This flexibility makes it the ideal option in situations where you or another driver needs to be insured quickly and temporarily. So, if you’re borrowing a car from a family member, sharing the driving on a road trip or taking a SORN car for an MOT (subject to underwriter) , the cost of temporary car insurance from Dayinsure could be worthwhile.

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What are the benefits of temporary car insurance?

When it comes to temporarily covering extra drivers in your vehicle or yourself in someone else’s car, short-term insurance offers several benefits. The only alternatives are to make changes to an underlying annual policy, which usually costs more time and money, or to take out a separate standard policy.

Instead, temporary car insurance from Dayinsure provides a simple, quick and convenient solution. With flexible cover tailored to your requirements, you can pay only for what you need and have insurance in place exactly when and where you require it – sometimes in as little as 15 minutes!

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How much does temporary car insurance cost in the UK?

The average cost of temporary car insurance is often determined by a range of factors, which we’ll cover later on. However, it also varies between providers. With Dayinsure, temporary car insurance costs as little as £19 per day, which is one of the best-value deals on the market.

With policies ranging from one hour to 30 days, you could get low-cost temporary car insurance for even less than that if you don’t need a full day’s cover or more. This flexibility helps to make short-term insurance an affordable and convenient option for many drivers.

You can get a better idea of the cost of Dayinsure temporary car insurance by filling out our quote form. Once you’ve entered your details, we’ll show you the price.

What factors influence the cost of temporary car insurance?

As we’ve already mentioned, the cost of temporary car insurance is determined by a range of factors, much like a standard annual policy. We’ve outlined these below to help you understand why some quotes might be higher than others.

Duration of coverage

The most influential factor is likely to be the length of cover you’re looking for. Our prices at Dayinsure start from £19 per day, so you could pay less if you’re looking for hourly insurance or more if you’re looking for weekly or monthly cover.

The duration of cover influences the cost of temporary car insurance because, the more time you spend on the road, the higher the risk of an accident occurring.

Type of coverage

Another significant factor is the type of temporary car insurance you’re buying. This largely relates to the choice between third-party and comprehensive policies but your options can vary from provider to provider. Comprehensive insurance tends to cost more for both annual and temporary policies because of the greater level of protection it provides.

All our temporary car insurance policies at Dayinsure give you comprehensive cover on the roads. This means you’re fully insured against damage to yourself and your vehicle, as well as damage to other people and vehicles involved in an accident.

For more information on what’s covered and not covered by one of our comprehensive packages, take a look at our Aviva Insurance Product Information Document and Mulsanne Insurance Product Information Document.

Type of vehicle

The vehicle in which you’re asking to be insured will also be factored into the cost of a temporary car insurance policy. This largely relates to car insurance groups, which are determined by factors such as vehicle value, repair costs, performance and safety. The higher the car insurance group a vehicle sits in, the more it’s likely to cost to be insured while driving it and vice versa.

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Driver profile

The person being insured partly determines the level of risk for insurers and therefore the quote given for a temporary car insurance policy. A driver’s profile takes into account things such as age, driving experience and record, and claim history.

Those facing the highest temporary cover costs tend to be younger motorists and drivers with convictions, although any past car insurance claims can increase anyone’s premiums.


Location plays a more significant role in annual car insurance but it can still be an important factor for temporary policies. Prices can change depending on where you plan on driving under short-term cover and where you are at the start of the policy. For example, if you plan on driving in Europe, this could be seen as a greater risk for insurers.

We provide third-party EU cover as standard in the cost of our temporary car insurance policies, so you’ll automatically have some level of protection on the continent. However, your journey must start and finish in the UK for the insurance to be valid.

Optional extras

Finally, the cost of temporary car insurance can increase with any additional extras you choose to include during the application process.

Tips for getting low cost temporary car insurance

Everybody wants the best deals, so we’ve got a few top tips for bringing down the cost of temporary car insurance.

  • Only pay for what you need: Temporary car insurance can be as flexible as you need it to be, whether that’s cover for one hour to take a test drive or a month’s worth while you’re borrowing a car from someone else. Get insured for as long as you need and not a minute more to keep costs as low as possible. Keep in mind that multiple individual day policies may be less cost-effective than extended weekly or monthly cover, so it’s always worth seeing which works out cheaper with a few quotes.
  • Choose the right vehicle: Insuring a sports car is probably going to cost a lot more than an ordinary hatchback. If you’ve got the luxury of choice, then, go for a car in a lower insurance group to keep down the cost of temporary cover. Cars with a lower value and better safety and security features are more likely to have lower premiums.
  • Maintain a good driving record: Although it’s not always in your control, protecting your driving record is a good idea for any kind of car insurance, annual or temporary. This means steering clear of driving offences and doing your best to avoid accidents on the road which require an insurance claim.

Get covered with temporary car insurance from Dayinsure

Dayinsure specialises in temporary car insurance, giving you the option of flexible and cost-effective cover to meet your needs. With policies from just one hour to 30 days, you can take to the road with confidence knowing you’re protected by one of our comprehensive packages.

Cover can start in as little as 15 minutes, so take the first step and get a quote online today.

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