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Christmas and Car Insurance: Your Key Considerations

Perhaps you’re going home to see your parents this Christmas, visiting the in-laws or taking a break and spending the holidays in a log cabin. Wherever you’re heading, planning your journey is essential – and that includes thinking about your insurance. With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips to make sure you’re fully protected over the festive season. So, whether you’re escaping the hustle and bustle or gearing up for a huge gathering, we’ve got you covered.

Beware of busier roads

With people all over the country having the same idea and travelling to see friends and family, it’s inevitable that the festive period will see some pretty heavy traffic on the UK’s roads. A greater volume of vehicles means an increased likelihood of accidents – and that’s a Christmas surprise that nobody wants.

Make sure you allow extra time for your journey and check for roadworks and closures before you travel. Consider driving outside peak times and try to organise packing, Christmas presents and food supplies in advance to minimise any last-minute stress.

Don’t forget, bad weather can affect journey time and safety, so take care if you’re planning on heading out in adverse conditions.

Sharing the driving

Unless you’re travelling solo or you only have the kids for company, you might want to think about splitting up the driving duties – especially for those longer journeys. Take it in turns to do a couple of hours before switching, as this will help with fatigue and concentration, ensuring a safer, happier trip.

And if you are going to let someone else behind the wheel, temporary car insurance for that short period can prove the perfect, flexible alternative to adding them to your standard policy as a named driver.

Transporting presents

If you’re spending Christmas Day away from home, you’re likely to want to take the family’s gifts with you. This could mean there needs to be some strategic packing involved!

Plan ahead and choose smaller presents that are easy to pack to save on space. Or, if possible, use a secure roof rack to ensure no bulky items obstruct your view whilst driving.

Take care not to leave gifts on show if you’re away from your car. There are plenty of opportunistic thieves around, especially at Christmas time, and it often doesn’t take long for someone to break in and take what’s there.

If you’re carrying particularly expensive items, it’s always worth checking with your insurer to make sure you’re covered should anything happen.

Heading overseas

Leaving these shores behind and heading somewhere more exotic? Perhaps you fancy a few days of skiing, or you just want to head south for warmer climes? Thousands of people venture abroad over Christmas, and car insurance is available for those planning a European travel adventure rather than a UK stay.

So, check your passport is in date, pack your bags, organise your cover and get going. Your fun-filled road trip awaits!

Decorating your car

Whilst it might be tempting to add some festive cheer to your car when driving home for Christmas, hanging decorations could land you with a fine.

The Highway Code states that windscreens must be kept free from obstructions of vision and this includes anything from stickers to lights and festive hanging decorations.

Any additional adornments could also invalidate your insurance as they could be classed as a modification. So, although they might look merry, it’s best to save the snowmen and sparkles for your home.

Car maintenance

With Christmas approaching, your focus might be on the journey or the destination itself but it’s important not to neglect your car. Make sure you check the essentials such as oil, water, fuel and tyre pressure well in advance.

If you’re using a car you don’t usually drive over the Christmas holidays, you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable and clued up before a big journey. You’ll also want to check you’re fully insured, because if an accident were to happen you could be left out of pocket – a situation no one needs at this time of year.

Remember, most policies only cover third party when driving another vehicle, so it could be a good idea to take out temporary car insurance to cover you over the Christmas period. Our policies range from one hour up to 30 days, so you can choose flexible Christmas car insurance that meets your needs.

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