Temporary car insurance - What are the uses?

Until something like temporary car insurance is invented no-one thinks it could be useful and then once it is a standard motor insurance product customers think how did they get along without it? How would you borrow the campervan to take the kids away for the festival? How would you get the tow bar to take the trailer to the recycling centre? How do you get your birthday boy and all his 5 friends in the 4 seat car to the cinema for his party? Where can you insure a van to collect your new flat packed Ikea bedroom furniture? Dayinsure offers a simple insurance solution for all these and hundreds more for a great price underwritten by Aviva the largest UK motor insurer.

Temp cover policies - Which vehicles are covered?

The Dayinsure temp cover policies insure the widest range of vehicles on the market including cars and vans up to a value of £60,000 which is higher than any other short term provider with full comprehensive cover to the aforementioned value, motorhomes where Dayinsure is the only UK short term insurer of those vehicles and classic/cherished vehicles from 1951. We exclude some very high performance cars and exotic vehicles but insure most motorbikes for our motor bike dealer customers. All in all we offer the best vehicle range insurance products to suit your needs underwritten for our retail customers by Aviva.

Temporary insurance – Secure website?

The Dayinsure temporary car insurance website is developed and maintained entirely in-house by our team of expert developers to exacting standards and a big part of that is making sure that the site is secure, has the best level of security certificates and our processes are fully compliant with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and are fully approved by Aviva and Allianz who are our principle retail and motor trade insurers respectively. The answer to the question posed is yes our website is secure and your data is protected.

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