Monthly Insurance

Monthly insurance is the ideal solution for a vehicle that needs short to mid-term insuring – i.e. anything less than a full year. Paying monthly for your vehicle insurance can free your capital and help you to keep an eye on expenditure – and it can help stop an insurance gap, where you need to add a little time to the period of your vehicle insurance without paying for a full year.

Our monthly insurance is underwritten by some of the biggest and most trusted names in the business.

As the original short term insurance company, DayInsure is ideally placed to find the best monthly insurance prices for your vehicle. To get a quote and start the cover process, please fill out your details on our online form.

One Month Insurance

The one month insurance policies provided by DayInsure are suitable for most privately and company owned vehicles. The only hire vehicles that we are able to find insurance for are motorhomes.

Holders of full UK, EU/EEA, Australian, New Zealand, South African and Swiss driving licences should be eligible for one month insurance policies sourced by DayInsure. For a full list of exclusions and conditions please email or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you purchase one month insurance for a vehicle that is towing something – a trailer; a caravan; or a boat – then your insurance will cover the driven vehicle comprehensively and the towed item as third party. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.

The short term insurance supplied by DayInsure is perfect for insuring holiday drivers and occasional workers. Please order your insurance using our online form.

28 Day Car Insurance

The minimum age for purchasing 28 day car insurance through DayInsure is 19 – the maximum age is 75. Terms and conditions apply – please refer to the Terms and Conditions listed on the site.

Excess levels vary from insurance policy to insurance policy. Please refer to the details on your 28 day car insurance schedule to confirm the excess for your individual policy.

The 28 day car insurance policies provided by DayInsure may be cancelled at any time. However, the short term nature of the policy means that no premium will be refunded in the event of an early cancellation. DayInsure is not able to provide cover for the importing and exporting of vehicles – all insured vehicles must be UK registered and in the EU.

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