What to do After a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can be a very stressful situation. The most important thing as always ensuring that yourself and everyone around you is safe, after checking this, there are a number of steps to follow to ensure that you are covered in the future. We break down the best steps to take in order to stay safe and legal in this situation.

what to do after a car accident

Immediately after the accident

What details to take after the accident?

Exchanging details with the other driver is essential after your accident. You must share your name and address with everyone involved in the accident and get the same information from them. You should also make sure that you:

Making a claim

It is best to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible, regardless of whether you’re making a claim. Failure to do so within the set time period on your policy may invalidate your cover depending on your insurance company. It is best to inform them of any accident even if you are not going to make a claim, in case the other driver decides to make a claim without you knowing. Your insurance provider will probably ask for the following so it’s good to have these details to hand when you call:

Hopefully, you’ll never get in an accident yourself or have to use this information yourself, however, keeping a checklist like this somewhere handy can help you to remain calm and go through all of the necessary steps to make sure you stay safe, legal and covered when contacting your insurer.

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