temporary car insurance for under 21s

Temporary car insurance for under 21s

If you’re a young driver or are looking to insure someone who is, then temporary car insurance for under 21s provides a great solution. For a variety of reasons, not all young drivers will need to be behind the wheel of a car every day of the year, so it may save you money to only get temporary car insurance for young drivers when needed rather than taking out an annual policy.

At Dayinsure, we offer everything from day car insurance for under 21s to 28 days’ insurance. All policies are underwritten by the UK’s largest insurer, Aviva, on a comprehensive basis and create a quick and easy way to get covered, so you can have peace of mind that your short term cover is just as reliable and secure.

temporary car insurance for under 21s

Uses of temporary car insurance for under 21

There can be many reasons why you may require temporary car insurance for young drivers, such as:

  • Test driving your potential first car.
  • Practise driving in a borrowed car.
  • Adding an additional driver to a policy, if the main driver is ill for example.
  • Borrowing a bigger vehicle to head out on a road trip with your friends.
  • Taking your belongings back to, or from, university in your friend or parent’s car.
  • When there’s a small gap between one insurance policy ending and another starting.
  • Making a business trip or driving to an interview.

Most young drivers aged between 18 and 21 can be covered, though it will be subject to vehicle and underwriting criteria.

If you only have a provisional licence and want to learn to drive in your own or a friend or family member’s car, learner driver car insurance is available for those aged 17 and upwards, on a more flexible basis from short periods of two hours up to five months.

Reasons for choosing Dayinsure’s Under 21 Insurance

Dayinsure temporary car insurance for under 21s is simple to arrange and cover can start within 15 minutes of making a booking, essential if you’re in a rush. Drivers who have an annual policy don’t need to worry, as our policies are standalone so if you are involved in an accident and do have a claim it won’t impact your No Claims Bonus.

A range of extra levels of cover can be added to all policies. Comprehensive European cover will be useful if you’re heading out on a continental road trip, while daily breakdown and additional drivers can also be added.

How to apply for under 21 short term car insurance

You don’t have to be a UK driver to get temporary car insurance cover for under 21s. Full licence holders from the EU, EEA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Switzerland who have held their licence for at least six months are eligible.

To receive a quote, you will need:

  • Your name, address, DOB and email.
  • Registration number of the car.
  • Passport number (for non-UK, NI and Isle of Man drivers).

The price will be displayed before you just choose how many days cover, when it needs to start, and any add-ons. Finally, to buy short term car insurance for under 21s you’ll need to enter your driving licence number and payment details (debit, credit card and PayPal are accepted) and you’re done.