Cheapest ways to de-ice your car this winter

With the Met Office forecasting that snow will hit parts of Britain in a matter of days, it is important to ensure your car is ready to drive on the commute to work, instead of waiting for hours for your car to de-ice in plummeting temperatures. But what if you have forgotten to buy de-icer?

Here are the cheapest ways to de-ice your car in a matter of minutes using everyday household items:

Salt saves the day:

To de-ice your car in a flash, mix one tablespoon of salt with 500ml of water. Pour the mixture onto your windscreen and the salt will melt the ice away. If you have a scraper, you can speed up the process by scraping off the ice as it begins to thaw.

Use room temperature water:

Instead of risking windscreen cracks by grabbing boiling hot water from the kettle, you can just pour room temperature water from the tap onto your windscreen. You will see the ice melt off in minutes.

Avoid de-icing all together:

If you get the heads up about plummeting temperatures, you can avoid the de-icing process all together with this simple solution. Mix vinegar with water in a spray bottle, then simply spray your windscreen the night before. This prevents ice forming in the first place.

Rubbing Alcohol:

If you happen to have rubbing alcohol (surgical spirit) in your household, this can also help to cut de-icing time. Mix two parts alcohol with one part water, apply to your windscreen and be on your way in seconds.

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