Holly is cycling from London to Paris

Meet the Cycle Team – Holly

This September, the Dayinsure cycle team are taking on the huge challenge of cycling for 3 days from London to Paris in aid of The Joshua Tree. Our Customer Support Advisor and experienced mountain biker Holly says that getting used to clip-in pedals has been the most hazardous part of her prep.

Share the driving on your next road trip

From the chosen DJ to the backseat driver, there are many types of people on every road trip. Sharing the driving means everyone can take turns to fulfil their essential road-trip responsibilities. So why not get your friends to share the driving and take a break from the wheel, taking your turn as the designated snack provider or DJ?

You must have temp insurance to drive in France

Guide to driving in France

Yes, you’ll need such documents as a valid UK driving licence, proof of insurance, passport and your vehicle registration document. But there are other things you must take when driving on the other side of the Channel. We’ve listed our top tips for meeting French requirements.

Meet the Cycle team – Kieran

This September, the Dayinsure cycle team are taking on the huge challenge of cycling for 3 days from London to Paris in aid of The Joshua Tree. Our Product Designer, Kieran, answers questions about the event and says that padded shorts may help to see him through.

Test drive car insurance

Before buying a new or used car it’s advisable to take it for a test drive. This should help you decide whether the vehicle is a good fit and highlight any potential problems that the seller may have failed to mention. To protect yourself when doing so, taking out test drive car insurance is a must.

Temp car insurance for students

As a student you may not need to drive all year round. That’s why at Dayinsure we offer temp car insurance for students who only want cover for between one and 30 days. It’s fast and easy to buy, and can be a more cost-effective choice in certain situations. You can be covered within 15 minutes of making a booking.

The 9 types of people on every road trip

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? With the summer closing in as we start to plan our epic summer road trips, we’ve broken down the ultimate list of every person on a road trip. Here it is:

Temp car insurance for under-21s

If you’re a young driver or want to insure someone who is, then temporary car insurance for under-21s is a great solution. Not all young drivers need to be behind the wheel of a car every day of the year, so they may only need insurance cover for short periods of time.

Emergency car insurance

Make sure you’re covered for any last-minute issues with the great-value emergency car insurance we offer at Dayinsure. Short-term temp car insurance can be a real benefit when you need fast and convenient cover for those unexpected moments in life.

Dangers of driving cautiously

We’ve all been there: stuck behind someone who’s clearly unaware of the speed limit as their dangerous driving becomes more and more infuriating.