Why is it so important to take a test drive before you buy?

  • You can only tell some faults like a slipping clutch by driving the car
  • You are spending a lot of your hard earned cash and do not want any surprises later
  • It could save you a big bill later if you find a fault before you buy
  • Buyer beware means from a private sale you will be unlikely to get your money back
  • Any remedial work identified from a test drive can be factored into the price you pay

Spend a little in test drive cover now could save a lot in the long run with unexpected bills

  • It has never been easier to arrange instant cover for a test drive in advance and online
  • You just need the car registration and your personal details
  • Your no claims discount is not affected
  • Test driving without insurance is an offence and very expensive if you get caught
  • Comprehensive cover means you can concentrate on the driving and making sure the car is right

Drive away cover when you have bought the car

  • It takes time to arrange annual cover or get your new car added to your existing policy
  • You can get instant daily cover to drive the car away as soon as you have paid for it
  • You can then take time to find the best annual quote for your new purchase
  • Cover can be for up to 28 days
  • You can add daily breakdown to make sure you are covered if the car breaks down halfway across the country getting it home


Why should I facilitate a customer test drive?

  • To make sure that the buyer gets every chance make an informed decision to buy your car and avoids problems later
  • To make sure the buyer gets to see just how great the car drives and adds pressure to buy it from you
  • It helps drive the sale forward so you can get on with getting your next car or using the sale cash as you need it
  • Nothing makes a sale more likely than a great customer test drive experience

Why is it so important to make sure that the buyer has comprehensive insurance cover?

  • Driving without insurance is a serious offence
  • Any damage to the car will not be covered by your insurance if the buyer is driving
  • You will have to try and get the repair cost off the buyer if there is no insurance cover
  • You can accompany as a passenger but your insurance would not cover the buyer driving

How can the buyer get cover to test drive your car?

  • You could add them as a temporary additional driver on your annual policy but you will pay a hefty fee and it takes days to get a cover note. Any claim will affect your no claims bonus.
  • They could add your car to their policy in substitution for their car but it costs, takes days and you can only insure one car a time
  • They could drive under any “drive other vehicle cover” if they have it. But it is only 3rd party so you would not get your car repaired and a lot of insurers are withdrawing this type of cover.
  • Your buyer can buy a Dayinsure policy for a day, in advance or instantly, with comprehensive cover specific to your car which does not affect your no claims bonus. They pay direct for the cover and can immediately produce the certificate to prove the cover is in place.

Get peace of mind in facilitating a test drive with proper comprehensive cover from as little as £10 a day.

Tell the buyer when they contact you to see the car to get cover from Dayinsure for a test drive