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Top Christmas gifts for car lovers

When it comes to purchasing Christmas gifts, some are easier to buy than others. After you’ve exhausted your go-to options, it’s time to think outside the box, consulting their hobbies for inspiration.

Fortunately, if you have a car lover in your life, purchasing their present this year may be easier than you think! From novelty socks and mugs to useful technology and car storage solutions, the market is inundated with quirky gift ideas to give.

So, whether you’re looking for something small for Secret Santa, a stocking filler or the latest in-car technology for someone who considers themselves one of the best UK drivers, discover the gifts you should be buying in this guide.

HydroSilex Recharge

diy ceramic coating

Image credit: Paul Hadley

From £29

For Paul, the motoring journalist behind Motor Verso, there was one recommendation that sprung to mind when asked about the perfect Christmas gift for a car enthusiast:

“For car lovers, the gift that I would like to recommend the most would be a DIY ceramic coating for your cars paintwork. Most are super easy to apply to the car and give amazing results to the look and condition of the paintwork. Think of it as the modern way to wax a car, but it lasts a lot longer.”

A ceramic coating is one of the best ways to maintain the appearance of your car whilst protecting it from potential future damage. By applying a thin layer of the solution such as HydroSilex, as suggested by Paul, its Nanoparticles bond together to create a water-resistant barrier that prevents scratches, dirt and grime caused by the weather. The application process of the ceramic coating is quick and simple, making this a fantastic DIY option. All you need to do is spray a layer of the liquid over the surface of your car before buffing it in.

Subcold Ultra 6 Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer


Although the summer may seem a distant memory, spending time outside with your friends and family is makes a great pastime. Whether you’re an avid camper, someone who loves arranging road trips or like to spend your summers attending festivals, a mini fridge is always a great piece of kit to have. This Subcold Ultra 6 Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer is the perfect size to slip in the boot of your car and its DC 12V power lead means that you can plug it into your car to enjoy a crisp, cold drink wherever and whenever!

Motoring Leg-Ends Socks

motoring legend socks

£9 each, £25 for 3 pairs or £30 for 3 pairs in a gift box

The fail-safe option of a sock is something everyone should expect to receive at Christmas, so why not opt for a colourful pair? These motoring leg-end socks from Me and My Car are a great alternative to the standard stripy pair you probably gifted last year. We spoke to Fiona from Me and my Car who shared this with us:

“Not just any sock for Christmas! Our Motoring Leg-Ends socks are Inspired by the legends of motorsport including Ferrari, Gulf, Bugatti, Porsche, Martini, Lotus and Bentley our unique socks include a racing roundel on the foot to add to their motorsport pedigree.

“These socks are available in seven racing styles; Italian red, British green, racing stripe, racing blue and orange, black and gold, blue with bonnet strap and classic chequer flag, and make a great gift for anyone who loves cars this Christmas.”

Handpresso Auto Hybrid 12v travel coffee maker


If you’re one of those people who can’t function properly without a coffee in the morning, then this might be the gift for you! The Handpresso Auto Hybrid 12v travel coffee maker ensures that you never have to leave the house empty-handed. Using your choice of ground coffee or pods, the device is powered by your cigarette lighter and brews a 50ml mug of espresso in just a few minutes. Accompanied by free coffee and two cups, this makes a great gift for those who have a long commute in the mornings.

Oily Racing and Oil Can Mugs

oil can mugs

£10 each

Having a decent mug is definitely underrated. Fortunately, there are countless designs available. For the car lover, however, an oil can mug is sure to be appreciated. We head from Fiona from Me and My Car who believes that these will go down a treat over the festive season:

“Designed to replicate that old can of oil in your garage or that oil splattered racing car bonnet is an Oily Mug, an eye-catching addition to the daily brew. Made from ceramic with a high gloss finish these chunky mugs will withstand many years of service – a great gift for any motorsport fan.”

Automotive Hampers

From £42

We consulted Ben from Classic Motor Hub to ask what gift he would give a car lover this year. Ben offered this suggestion to anyone on the lookout for a great gift to give: “How about our Automotive Hampers? They’re a great gift idea”.

“The Classic Motor Hub sells a range of automotive gift hampers that are perfect for car lovers, offering a variety of luxurious gifts wrapped up in a basket and complete with everything you need to create a beautiful gift.  Prices start at £42, but this Luxury Hamper includes some of their most popular luxury items for just £119.”

Garmin Dash Cam 65W

garmin dashcam


Over the past couple of years, dashcams have become commonplace in cars across the country. This model by Garmin has a range of features such as voice technology and a wide-angle lens, recording high-quality video on every journey. Not only can having a dashcam lower your day insurance, but it also means that you can feel safe behind the wheel. As a result, this makes the perfect gift for a new driver.

Other features of the dashcam include a 2.0” LCD screen, the ability to record in low light and built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to instantly sync your journeys to your phone.