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Learners can now get cover in their own car!

Monthinsure has come home…

Monthinsure has always been a part of the Dayinsure family. We launched Monthinsure as the first site dedicated to offering one month’s insurance cover at competitive prices. We’ve worked hard since its launch and we can now offer 1 hour to 1 month durations through Dayinsure in a single, simple application.

Don’t worry though, that’s all that’s changed. You can still get the exact same 30-day policies through Dayinsure with prices starting from less than £95 for one month.

All Dayinsure policies are underwritten by Aviva. So you get the peace of mind of having Comprehensive cover provided by the UK’s largest insurer. You also benefit from Aviva’s award-winning claims service provided through their Claims hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

With Dayinsure, you will still be able to get:

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Learners can now get cover in their own car

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