Temporary Van Insurance

Some great facts about Temporary van insurance

You almost certainly will not have the use of a van as daily transport so when you need to borrow a van you can use temporary van insurance to get yourself legally insured to drive it. You can add additional drivers if you need to share the driving on longer journeys or days where you are in the van for longer periods thus ensuring that your drivers are fresh to undertake the driving. The cover can be purchased over the internet in minutes and the policy is uploaded to MID every day. Aviva underwrites the policy so you have the security of knowing you are insured with the UK’s biggest motor insurer.

Short term van insurance for small businesses

When you need to take on another driver for your van at short notice, short term van insurance is a great solution which protects your annual insurance policy NCD and can be purchased from our website in around 5 minutes with the documents available to download or print in your office immediately. You will be familiar with our underwriter, Aviva, who insures the most vehicles in the UK and you will benefit from the award winning support that they offer their customers. We do not pass our customer claims to claim farmers in return for monetary incentives so you will deal directly with the experienced Aviva claims handlers from day 1 throughout the period your claim takes to settlement.

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