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Can you buy 1 week car insurance?

Usually motor insurance is sold annually and the premium paid in a lump sum at the beginning or spread by 12 instalments over the year. There are no annual policies available where the premium is paid weekly. However you can buy 1 week insurance from dayinsure.com and pay for cover just for the week you need to insure the vehicle. Continuous Insurance Enforcement known as CIE means that vehicles which are not declared SORN (known as Statutory off Road Notification) must be insured for any period where they are not declared SORN unless they are exempt. The MID is the data base that is used to identify non-insured vehicles and all our Aviva underwritten policies are uploaded to MID daily.

How do you buy Weekly car insurance?

If you need to buy weekly car insurance for any number of reasons ranging from using a bigger car for your camping holiday, keeping mobile whilst your car is in for repair, insuring a visiting relative from abroad or taking your partner on a week long holiday in a cherished car, then completing the simple proposal form in our quote engine and purchasing the cover in minutes is all you need to get you on your way. The documents can be printed at home and cover is underwritten by the UK’s largest insurer, Aviva, which gives you the comfort of knowing that if you have an accident you are dealing directly with a UK based claims handler.

Is Car insurance for a week uploaded to MID?

In this day of Automatic Number Plate Recognition known as ANPR and CIE it is important to know that your car insurance for a week is uploaded to MID quickly and if you pass the ANPR cameras the MID check will confirm that the vehicle has the correct UK insurance cover and you will not be stopped by the police who may suspect the vehicle is being driven uninsured. As dayinsure.com uploads daily to the MID your vehicle details should be on the MID the day after its purchase. That said, the vehicle must also have an annual policy in force to comply with the law unless it is exempt or declared SORN.

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