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The 9 types of people on every road trip

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? With the summer closing in as we start to plan our epic summer road trips, we’ve broken down the ultimate list of every person on a road trip. Here it is:

The Snack Provider

By far one of the most important responsibilities on any road trip. The snack provider will bring along a wide selection of goodies to hand out throughout the trip. Peanuts, crisps, doughnuts, water, you name it, this person has packed all the essentials, ensuring nobody goes hungry during a long day’s travelling.

The DJ

This person is always the first to get involved with the karaoke. Having spent days meticulously planning the perfect road trip playlist, they are poised and ready to keep the tunes blasting and keep the crew entertained throughout the journey.

The Sleeper

There’s always one… This person is incapable of staying up for longer than 10 minutes at any time. Sleeping through the bumpiest road, loudest karaoke sessions and snack handouts, it never ceases to amaze you what they will sleep through.

The Co-Pilot

This person will always be in the front – arguably selecting their role because of leg room; the navigator claims to know all roads like the back of their hand. Carefully directing you through a series of “shortcuts” which are actually increasing the journey time, they will not be happy when you eventually decide to follow the sat nav.

The Small Bladder

This one is known for accepting multiple drinks from the snack provider and calling for a toilet break every 45 minutes. Although you will inevitably get frustrated by the constant delays, it’s always nice to get out and stretch your legs in the fresh air.

The Selfie Taker

Poised with a front facing camera, this person is ready to document anything and everything on the trip. From classic karaoke renditions to people napping in hilarious positions, they are ready to capture memories and share them across social channels accordingly.

The Tour Guide

With Google in their pocket, this person knows everything about your destination – and all the important stops along the way for that matter. They’ve been planning the trip for weeks and take pride in sticking to the schedule.

The ‘are we nearly there yet?’

Would it even be a road trip without the age-old question… “are we nearly there yet?” Usually located in the back seat, this person has a great time snacking, napping, just generally chilling out, they will pipe up now and then to check in on the time of arrival at the next destination. At the end of the day, who can blame them for choosing the most carefree role of the trip?!

The Driver

Possibly the most underrated role, the driver is responsible for getting the group from A to B safely without any unexpected hiccups – definitely the biggest responsibility out of all of the roles.

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