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The benefits of temporary car insurance as a permanent option

If you don’t drive regularly, forking out to own your own car can be a real hassle. With the cost of the vehicle, road tax, maintenance, servicing, MOTs, insurance and more to think about, you can end up paying an arm and a leg for something you only need to use once every month or two.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Car sharing is becoming more and more popular, the practice where friends or family members all use a communal vehicle rather than buying one each. This is where temporary car insurance comes in, giving you the flexibility that you need to use your shared car whenever you need it. If this feels like an arrangement that might work for you, read on to discover the benefits.

Save on your insurance costs with temporary insurance

Saves you money on insurance costs

One of the major benefits of choosing to car share rather than owning your own car is saving money on your insurance costs. By only taking out temporary car insurance when you need it, rather than having to settle for an annual policy, you are only paying for what you need. If you are someone who only needs to drive once every few weeks, then it can be annoying to have to take out annual cover which you simply won’t use.

Please note: Unless a car has a SORN, it needs to be insured so if you are sharing a vehicle with someone else, one person will need to have an annual policy over the vehicle, or you’ll need to make sure your temporary policies always overlap.

Don't worry about tax and MOT when you car share

You don’t need to worry about the details

When it comes to car ownership, there is plenty to organise. From ensuring the car is properly maintained and serviced to getting your MOT and arranging car tax, keeping a car road-worthy is no small task. However, if you are using vehicles that are owned by a family member or friend, it’ll be them that takes care of these things. Although it’s always good to contribute if you’ll be using the car fairly regularly, you won’t need to be the one who has to organise all of these things which, when added up over the year, can take a lot of time and effort.

Temporary car insurance is more eco-friendly than owning a car

More eco-friendly to car share

If you decide to opt for temporary car insurance as part of a long-term car-sharing lifestyle, you can certainly take pride in knowing that you are doing your part for the environment. If more people share a car with one or more people, there will be fewer cars on the road and Co2 emissions will take a hit as a result. If you don’t need to be driving every day and can share trips with others, it’s well worth thinking about the environmental benefits. So, consider sharing a car, get some cheap temporary car insurance, and share the benefits of this eco-friendly lifestyle choice with others.

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Don't lost your NCD with temporary car insurance

Preserves No Claims Discount

If you have previously had an annual insurance policy and have built up your no claims discount, wanting to protect that for cheaper annual insurance in the future is understandable. However, if you are tempted by car-sharing and temporary insurance, you can enjoy knowing that your car’s no claims bonus won’t be impacted by any claims you might make. This is because short term cover is a standalone policy so any claim you make will be covered by your temporary insurance, leaving your no claims discount intact. Further still, any claim you make will not impact the no claims discount of the owner of the car you are driving – your temp cover has nothing to do with their policy.

Set up temporary car insurance quickly and easily

You don’t have to bug your friends

When sharing a car with friends, you don’t want to do anything to put that relationship under pressure. A responsibility like sharing a car adds a new dynamic to that relationship. Constantly asking to be put on someone else’s insurance policy could become annoying to the car owner, as it asks something of that person. However, if you choose to set up your own temporary car insurance as and when you need it, this will put far less strain on the friendship and means the car owner doesn’t have to put in the work. Your temp policy is your responsibility and can be set up on your own. As a result, sharing a car with friends and loved ones isn’t difficult at all but is in fact an easy, simple way of living.

Don't be tied down by car ownership with temporary car insurance

Adds to your existent flexible lifestyle

If you already enjoy a flexible and easy-going lifestyle, car ownership can be a responsibility you can do without, tying you down when you would rather have fewer possessions. However, someone who likes to go travelling, move about, and who enjoys a generally flexible lifestyle, will appreciate the freedom that temp car insurance provides, as it will fit into their existing way of life easily. For students and those care-free souls of the world, car sharing with flexible insurance is the perfect fit, allowing you to go travelling, relocate, and live life at the pace you wish without any strings holding you down.

Don't feel pressure to drive when you car share

There’s no pressure to use your car and not your legs

Staying fit and healthy is important to so many of us. If you like walking to work, or cycling around town, owning a car can add pressure to use it more often and, as a result, the amount of exercise you take in can diminish. With the cost of purchasing a car and keeping it running, you will understandably want to use it as much as possible, but if you don’t need to use it every day, or just don’t want to, you shouldn’t feel forced into doing so. There is a solution, however, for those of us who like to use our legs but need a vehicle now and then. Temp car insurance and sharing a vehicle with others means you can use a car when you need it but keep up your current active lifestyle that doesn’t rely on a vehicle every day.

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You get money back for time you don't use with temp insurance

Money back for the time you don’t use

Another amazing benefit of opting to car share long term with temporary insurance is that you can get your money back for any time not used. That’s right. With Dayinsure, if you take out a policy with us for a week but realise you only need the car for a couple of days, we will refund you the difference. Plans change all the time and temporary car insurance means your cover can change with your circumstances without you having to face financial punishment. It’s perks like this that make car-sharing with short term cover such an easy way to operate, giving you more money in your pocket depending on how your plans develop.

Don't store a car you don't use

Saves you space at home

Especially for those who live in city centres, parking can be especially difficult and even if you are lucky enough to have off-street parking then you might want to use that space for something else instead. Well, by car sharing you will cut down on parking worries as you don’t need to store a vehicle at your home full-time. It also means that, if you are sitting on a vehicle that you don’t use often, it’s not lingering outside your home as an eyesore.

Access a range of vehicle types with temp insurance

Access to multiple vehicle types

For those with a wide network of car owners around them, opting to car share rather than buy your own vehicle can mean you get access to a range of vehicle types. Meaning you aren’t stuck with one vehicle that doesn’t serve your needs, temporary insurance is available for a range of vehicle types and allows you to borrow the type of wheels you need on any given day.

Moving house? With temporary van insurance, you can borrow a friend or relatives van and cut down on the number of trips you need. Going on a road trip? Get temporary motorhome insurance and explore in style knowing that you don’t need to worry about setting up tents or paying out for expensive hotels.

Remember: do what is right for you

At the end of the day, everyone’s situation is unique so car sharing long-term with temporary car insurance might not be your ideal solution. If it’s not right for you, and you need to own your own car with an annual insurance policy, but you don’t need to use that car all the time, why not offer to share your vehicle with others? Perhaps there are people in your life who would benefit from sharing your car and utilising temp cover while you continue on with your annual insurance for the vehicle that you own.

If you have friends, family members, neighbours, or housemates currently wanting to borrow your car regularly, temporary insurance would be the perfect solution, allowing you to help that person without having to worry about adding people to your annual policy. All you then have to do is work out a schedule for sharing your car and point them in the direction of Dayinsure.

The benefits of temporary car insurance as a permanent option:

  • Saves you money on insurance costs
  • You don’t need to worry about the details
  • More eco-friendly to car share
  • Preserves No Claims Discount
  • You don’t have to bug your friends
  • Adds to your existent flexible lifestyle
  • There’s no pressure to use your car and not your legs
  • Money back for the time you don’t use
  • Saves you space at home
  • Access to multiple vehicle types.

With all of these benefits, we are sure that it won’t be long before car sharing between friends and family becomes more popular. Whether you are looking to save money, save space at home, reduce your carbon footprint or more, it’s a simple solution.

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