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Person setting up dash cam car technology

Technology to upgrade your driving experience

Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or just want to treat yourself to something, there are some wonderful ideas for car technology that can really upgrade every drive you take. Driving doesn’t have to be a chore, and with these ingenious pieces of tech, you can make driving not only safer but more enjoyable as well.

Read on to discover some of the best technology to upgrade your driving experience.

A Dashcam

A piece of in-car technology that is more popular than ever is the dashcam. A simple piece of equipment to install and now readily available in a wide range of shops, dashcams are useful for all road users. By recording your car’s surroundings whilst driving, in the case of an accident a dashcam owner will have footage to show what has occurred. And this can be useful to other road users as well because your dashcam may be able to capture an accident that a car in front or behind you has been involved in.

A dashcam is one of those investments that you hope you’ll never need to use, but if you do it can really come in handy. Although no one ever wants to have a car accident or witness one, in the event something does happen having video footage can make a big difference.

Dashcam Bros explain some more of the advantages of having a dashcam: “Other benefits of having a dash camera installed include being able to capture occurrences on the road such as road rage incidents. Having a dash camera may help to deter incidents of this nature or provide law enforcement with the evidence needed to catch a culprit.

“Having a dash camera can also help you get out of a ticket that you wrongfully received. For example, if you have been accused of running a stop sign or red light, your footage can help you prove your innocence in such a case.

“Dashcams can also help keep an eye on your unattended vehicle since most dash cameras have an option to record even when the vehicle is not turned on. This can help prevent vandalism, or provide you footage of vandalism, theft or hit and run incidents to prove the incident to the insurance company and to help local law enforcement find the culprit.”

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Baby in car seat with teddy bear

Baby Camera

For parents with young children, anything you can do to ensure your child’s safety is a bonus. Keeping an eye on our little ones in the back seat whilst we are driving and trying to focus on the road can be hard. Often it can involve people moving mirrors and more in order to be vigilant. Something that can make this easier is a baby camera.

Positioned in the back of your car, a baby camera can show you a feed of what’s going on behind you meaning you’ll be able to keep a keen eye on your baby whilst also monitoring the road. Whether they come with their own separate heads up display or connect with your existing sat-nav, a baby camera can be a great addition to any parent’s arsenal.

GPS Tracker

Especially when you are sharing a car with someone else, the advantages of installing a GPS Tracker can be vast. A piece of car technology many people don’t consider investing in, a GPS tracker can let you tap into your car’s whereabouts whenever you need to. Whether your child is using the car with temporary car insurance for young drivers and you want to check they reached their destination or you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked your car in a giant car park, a tracker can come in handy.

A tracker can also be really useful for business owners. If you have an array of company vehicles that are on the road at any given time it can be useful for business logistics to track those cars. This way, you have advantages from knowing how far an employee is through their journey to find ways to cut down on petrol consumption and, in the instance a theft does happen, you’ll be more likely to be able to recover the car.

Reversing Camera

Reversing Camera

Reversing can be many driver’s downfall and although a lot of modern cars now come with reversing technology built-in, there are still many cars on the road that don’t have it. A Which? survey found that “62% of people have parking sensors on their car but only 26% had a rear-facing parking camera.” Do not fear, however, as you can actually install your own reversing camera easily. Whether you struggle with reverse parking or live in a busy neighbourhood and want to be extra cautious, once you try a reversing camera you won’t want to go back. Giving you more vision around your car, it’s a great tool to increase both your safety and awareness.

Seat Warmers

Not all investments have to have a safety benefit, and some can just improve your driving experience. Seat warmers may seem like a luxury, but they really can make a big difference to your comfort when driving. Whether you often have to make long journeys and are looking for a way to be more comfortable, or you work unusual hours and have to leave the house in the middle of the night, there is nothing like a warm seat whilst on the road.

Technology to upgrade your driving experience:

  • a dashcam
  • baby camera
  • GPS tracker
  • reversing camera
  • seat warmers

With these pieces of technology, we are sure your driving experience will not only be safer but more enjoyable. Whether you are looking to split the driving on a long journey or just want to loan your car to a friend for the day, our temporary car insurance can offer cover in as little as 15 minutes – another great investment for your car.

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