Two women taking road trip

Share the driving on your next road trip

As the sun heats up and you start to consider 2018 summer plans, there’s nothing better than planning a good old road trip with your friends or family. Whether you’re contemplating a UK staycation or wanting to venture further afield on a European adventure, there are endless decisions when it comes to planning your route, making the playlist and by far the most important decision, who will be the designated driver?

From the chosen DJ to backseat driver, there are many types of people on every road trip. Sharing the driving means that everyone can take turns to fulfil the essential road trip responsibilities, why not get your friends to share the driving and take a break from the wheel to take your turn as the designated snack provider or DJ?

Sharing the driving is a great way to ease the responsibility and ensure that every driver is well rested for your trip, making your trip safer. However, the process of adding separate drivers to your yearly policy can often be expensive and time-consuming – without the added worry of any potential claim affecting your no claims bonus.

Why not give yourself a break on your next road trip and try Dayinsure car sharing insurance? Your friends are able to get a quote and be insured on your vehicle within 15 minutes of visiting our website. With policies ranging from 1 hour to 28 days, and no effect on your NCB if you do have to claim, you can be as flexible as you need when it comes to sharing the driving – giving you more time to focus on the more important things, like planning your pit stops and putting together the perfect road trip playlist.

If you’re looking to plan your next road trip, get a quick quote today and take the first step in planning your next adventure.