Meet the Cycle Team – Holly

In September, the Dayinsure cycle team are taking on the huge challenge of cycling from London to Paris in aid of The Joshua Tree.

In preparation for their 3-day journey, we’ve asked them to answer a few questions to get to know them a little better, up next, our Customer Support Advisor, Holly.

What’s your role at Dayinsure?

I’m a customer support advisor; I answer customer phone calls and emails and help process claim information.

Tell us 3 skills or talents you have

  • I make a mean batch of cookies
  • I can shoot a bow and arrow into the bullseye pretty reliably
  • I am weirdly good at hula hoop!

What made you want to take part in the London to Paris cycle for the Joshua Tree?

Initially I was drawn in by the fitness challenge; I’ve never done a big race or anything like this before, and mostly wanted to see if I could get myself in the shape to complete the race. After learning about the charity and the incredible work they do, I realised how important the fundraising we’re doing actually is and that really changed my motivations for the better.

Had you had much experience with cycling before you joined the team?

As an outdoor instructor I did a lot of low-level mountain biking, but hadn’t sat on a bike in over a year before getting my road bike in March, and it’s very different to mountain biking. The clip in pedals were a real adjustment, they took me a good couple of months to master!

How are you preparing for the 188 mile journey from London to Paris?

I’m now cycling to work most days, joining in the group rides once a week and eating lots of baguettes and pastries to make sure I don’t suffer a culture shock when we get there.

What’s your favourite cycle route?

I really like my cycle to work; there’s a good hill up to Beeston castle and being able to challenge myself to improve my time on a route I know well works with my competitive streak.

What’s your most embarrassing moment on the training sessions so far?

When I started using my clip in pedals I fell on 7 of the first 8 rides. That’s made me pretty immune to the fear of falling, but the embarrassment hasn’t gone away yet!

What are you most excited for about the cycle challenge?

I’m really excited to see what my body can do when I truly put it to the test. I’ve never tested my limits before, and I’m fairly certain I’ll find them somewhere between London and Paris.

What’s your top tip for someone wanting to get into cycling?

Find someone who knows what they’re doing, and absorb as much of their wisdom as you can! Having someone to ride with makes things safer and helps keep you distracted from the leg pain

Want to sponsor Holly and the team on their 3-day cycle from London to Paris? Visit Kieran’s Justgiving page to donate or find out more about The Joshua Tree and the incredible work they do.