Meet the Cycle Team - Jamie

This September, the Dayinsure cycle team are taking on the huge challenge of cycling from London to Paris in aid of The Joshua Tree.
In preparation for their 3-day journey, we’ve asked them to answer a few questions to get to know them a little better, this week, we speak to our Business Development Manager, Jamie.

What’s your role at Dayinsure?

I’ve been at Dayinsure for close to 5 years and have had a number of different roles. I am now the Business Development Manager; Looking at new products and ideas, making sure we keep the process fresh and ahead of our competitors.

Tell us 3 skills or talents you have

What made you want to take part in the London to Paris cycle for the Joshua Tree?

3 days of wearing sexy skin-tight lycra, buying at least 1 new pair of trainers and catching a tan on holiday in France. What more motivation did I need!?! (before I realised how hard cycling 200 miles actually is).

And that was before I knew we were helping a fantastic local charity who support families experiencing childhood cancer ensuring that life remains as normal as possible through an incredibly traumatic time.

Jamie London To Paris

Had you had much experience with cycling before you joined the team?

None what so ever! This is the first road bike I have ever owned (and if it goes badly- my last).

How are you preparing for the 188 mile journey from London to Paris?

I started off with all the gear (no idea), but I’m slowly improving and putting in the miles. I ‘try’ and cycle to and from work a couple of times a week, struggling through a longer ride each Wednesday (between 40-50 miles).

What’s your favourite cycle route?

Any which end at a pub!

London paris cycle challenge jamie

What’s your most embarrassing moment on the training sessions so far?

Where do I begin! There has been many!
From falling off the first time I tried to clip in, getting lost on numerous occasions, to finding out it isn’t appropriate to laugh when someone else falls off.

What are you most excited for about the cycle challenge?

The dream is to wake up in Paris with a perfect 6 pack (after years of being a chubbster). Realistically though the highlight will be eating what I want for the duration of the trip, stopping off at every patisserie to discover the best cakes!

What’s your top tip for someone wanting to get into cycling?

Just give it a go, everyone has to start somewhere!
Get a bike and get on the road, it doesn’t matter if you can only manage 1 mile or 100 it will make you feel great.

I wheelie appreciate your support!

Want to sponsor Jamie and the team on their 3-day cycle from London to Paris? Visit Jamie’s Justgiving page to donate or find out more about The Joshua Tree and the incredible work they do.