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Comparing temp car insurance

With so many different insurance policies on the market, many people want to compare temporary car insurance to ensure they get the best deal. Temporary car insurance is a fast, efficient way to insure your car for a short period of time, such as when you borrow a car or go on holiday.

To compare short term car insurance, most people look at the various comparison websites which you can find dotted around the web. Whilst these are effective, it is also a good idea to do further research into the policy to see exactly what it covers, as this can vary.

What to Look Out for When You Compare Temporary Car Insurance

Whenever looking at different policies for temporary car insurance, compare both their common and more unique elements to get a good understanding of what they cover and how effective they might be for your individual requirements. Be sure to check:

  • Who the insurance is aimed at (some policies are for learner drivers, for example)
  • Minimum and maximum period the policy can be taken out for (e.g. a day to a month)
  • Eligibility (what conditions must be met to be eligible for the policy)
  • Which type of vehicle the cover is aimed at.

These are all in addition to comparing the prices of different policies, so when you are looking at the different types of short term car insurance, compare every aspect to be sure you find the right one for you.

Why Choose Dayinsure

At Dayinsure, we provide the most effective, comprehensive temporary car insurance on the market, at cost effective prices. You can be sure that we’ll provide you with the best deal, no matter who you compare our temp car insurance policies with.

With us, it only takes a few minutes to sort out your policy. You simply fill in the necessary details and you could be fully covered within 15 minutes.

So, for straightforward, accessible temporary car insurance, choose Dayinsure.