Who Can Buy Temporary Car Insurance?

People who have emigrated and no longer reside in the UK, but return to visit friends, family and sightseeing etc often have no option but to hire a vehicle during their stay in the UK or borrow a car from family and get added as an additional driver on the car owners annual policy. This can prove difficult without a UK address, risk the annual car policy no claims bonus and usually is a time consuming phone call to the insurer.

A similar problem arises for those UK citizens who work abroad most of the year or serve in the armed forces outside the UK. The temporary car insurance solution may be a better way for all these types of individuals to get vehicle insurance cover for short periods when they return to the UK and the cover can be bought in planned way ahead of the visit.

Which Vehicles Are Covered By A Temporary Policy?

The cover is available for most UK registered cars, vans and most non USA model motorhomes. It is perfect for periods from 1 day to several weeks. It is totally flexible and separate days can be insured for different vehicles by purchasing standalone policies as and when required.

Expat Cover Eligibility – Who Can Buy A Policy?

If you are an Expat living either inside or outside the EEC, and hold either a full UK or full EU, EEA, Australian, New Zealand, South African or Swiss driving licence, then you can purchase short term car insurance, van or motorhome insurance for your visits back to the UK. We now offer a temporary motor insurance product that is ideal for UK Expats returning to the UK, and who have the option of borrowing a friend’s/relative’s motor vehicle. If you are not resident in the UK, but have held either a full UK, EU, EEA, Australian, New Zealand, South African or Swiss driving licence  for over 6 months (reduced to 3 months, if aged over 25), and are aged 19 years or over, you can buy up to 112 days of cover in any rolling 12 month period.

The cost is likely to be much less than hiring a vehicle, and you have total flexibility about when and how often you buy the cover. It’s simple, quick and ideal for the Expat community.

What Periods Can The Insurance Cover Be Purchased For?

You can book as many days as you need, and up to 28 days in any one booking, subject to a maximum of 112 days in any rolling 12 month period. You can also select the option of dayresQ which gives you daily breakdown cover. Finally, your daily car insurance policy has free RAC Motor Legal Expenses as part of the package, to give you peace of mind in the event of an incident occurring.

The RAC Legal Services team is available 24 hours a day during the period of the short term cover, to give you legal advice should you need it. All in all it offers a great new service to the expat community at a cost effective price, and is designed to cover your journeys to the UK to see friends and family. Any incident is covered on the short term policy, and does not affect the ‘no claims bonuses on any annual car policy.

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