Price Comparison

We regularly check our prices against our competitors to make sure we offer great value-for-money. Whilst we don’t claim to be cheapest every single time, we do find that our prices are competitive for significant numbers of customers.

Here’s an example:

Price comparison

3 day’s cover for a 32 year old welder living in Hampshire driving a Toyota Avensis

And what’s more we’ve recently Reduced Prices Further for approximately 60% of our customer base.

Of course insurance isn’t just about price – there are lots of other benefits of insuring with us:

  • We only use blue-chip, UK-based insurers.
  • Our cover is comprehensive, and our insurers provide 24 hour claims lines 365 days a year
  • We offer useful optional extras, such as short-term breakdown cover and cover whilst driving in EU countries
  • We update our policies to the Motor Insurance Database every day
  • Our cover can be bought online in minutes, with documents sent out by email

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