Learner driver insurance - what is it?

Learner driver insurance is a new product from Dayinsure developed in partnership with Aviva who underwrite the cover for drivers who hold a UK provisional driving licence. It is a stand-alone policy in the name of the learner driver to drive a named vehicle which must also be annually insured by the vehicle owner. This is usually a family member helping the learner driver to gain experience on the road. The learner driver must be accompanied by another driver who has held a UK licence for over 3 years and is aged over 25 years. There is no cover between the hours of 10pm and 6am and during the hours of cover the Aviva underwritten policy is comprehensive cover.

How do I buy Provisional insurance and is the website secure?

You can get a quote from Dayinsure for provisional insurance by clicking the ‘get a quote’ button and entering the details requested to generate a price and you can select cover for a day, week or multiples thereof or for 1 to 5 months. If you are happy with the quote we will require some additional information from you and you will need to read and agree that you meet our acceptance criteria. You can then proceed to payment and printing your insurance certificate at home. Both our website and our payment provider websites have the security certificates which means the data entered and transaction processed are secure.

What are the benefits of Car insurance for learner drivers?

Car insurance for learner drivers was developed to enable learner drivers to drive a nominated vehicle accompanied by a passenger holding a full UK driving licence held for at least 3 years. As the policy is in the learner driver’s name any claims whilst the learner is driving are met by the learner policy and not the annual policy which must also be in place in the vehicle owner’s name. Cover is comprehensive and, provided they meet the aforementioned criteria, any passenger can accompany the learner driver. It compliments driving instructor tuition and enables the learner to practise and improve his driving skills in readiness for the driving test. Once the learner has passed their test all cover under this policy ceases immediately.

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