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Five popular reasons to get temporary car insurance cover

If you have heard of an insurance product called temporary car insurance you may be wondering why this type of cover would be needed. There are many situations and scenarios where cheap short term car insurance can be a lifeline and here are five popular reasons for applying for a policy online.

Selling your vehicle

If you have decided to part with your vehicle and have it on the market, you may allow your annual insurance policy to expire. However, cheap temporary car insurance may come in handy if you need to drive the vehicle again for any reason. However if you want to drive it while waiting for it to sell, for whatever reason, temporary car insurance cover could be taken out. A policy could be taken from anything from a single day to 28 days.

Purchasing a new or second hand car

If you are going out and buying a new or second hand car it can pay to take out cheap short term car insurance. By taking out temporary car insurance cover you are able to drive your new purchase home with knowledge that you have comprehensive insurance behind you. Once you have the vehicle home you are then free to take the time to search around for an affordable annual insurance policy.

Lending your car to your teenager for extra practice

If your teenager is learning to drive you can offer the use of your car to them in between them having driving lessons. This can help to keep down the amount of lessons needed and therefore save money on lessons. There will be some stipulations, such as your teenager only being able to drive the vehicle during certain times. Temporary car insurance can be taken out for learner drivers for short periods, for example for three to six months.

Borrowing a motorhome or other vehicle

If you have a friend or relative who owns a motorhome they may be kind enough to allow you to borrow it for a holiday. Rather than try and add this onto your own annual car insurance policy, you may wish to take out cheap short term car insurance for the motorhome. You can apply online for a policy and then print out the insurance document on your printer.

Taking a test drive

If you are considering purchasing a new or used vehicle you may want to take it for a test drive before committing to buying it. If you are buying from a private seller, they are unlikely to have adequate insurance that will cover you. Temporary car insurance cover can come in very handy here as you can take out cover for the single day. This would allow you to test drive the vehicle, without having to put in on your annual policy and risk your no claims bonus. Should you choose to buy the car there and then, you also have the protection needed to be legal on the way home. If you decide to think about it and then purchase it another day, you could take out cover again for the day.

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