7 Day Insurance

Our 7 day insurance policies are underwritten by the most trusted insurers in the motoring business: RAC; DAS; and Aviva. Our insurance policies are suitable for cars; vans; and motorhomes.

The 7 day insurance policies offered by DayInsure are ideal for holidays, provided your journey with your vehicle starts and ends in the UK, and can represent great savings.

All of our insurance quotes are generated and purchased online. DayInsure does not sell 7 day insurance policies over the phone. We operate an email support line and you can call us if you have any problems completing your order using our online form.

The only hired or rented vehicle that Day Insure is able to cover for you is a Motorhome. All other vehicles must be owned by a private individual or company.

Weekly Insurance

A weekly insurance policy can bring you great savings on the price of insuring a vehicle day to day. Ideal for situations where the period of cover is indefinite but certain to be longer than one or two days, opting for our weekly cover could give you the flexibility and extra financial leeway you need when you are making your temporary insurance arrangements.

Whatever the reason for your weekly insurance requirement, DayInsure can help. We can offer insurance for Cherished and Classic vehicles as well as for the normal range of vehicle sizes. We do not, however, offer cover for imported or non UK registered vehicles.

You’ll find full terms and conditions for our weekly insurance policies on our Terms and Conditions page. If you have further questions you can email us using our Contact form, or call our helpdesk.

Temporary Car Insurance

DayInsure’s temporary car insurance is ideal for customers who need to insure their vehicle for periods outside the normal annual policy provided by most companies. Our temporary car insurance policies are suitable for drivers who hold a full UK, EU/EEA, Australian, New Zealand, South African or Swiss driving licence.

To see a full list of our Terms and Conditions for the provision of temporary car insurance, please have a look at the relevant page on this site. You can also find out answers to all commonly asked questions about temporary car insurance on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

DayInsure is able to provide insurance for most privately and company owned vehicles. The only hire vehicle we can provide insurance cover for is a motorhome. To get a quote please fill out our online quote form.

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Underwritten by

Aviva RAC Allianz DAS